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Benefits of Flightless Holidays

4 June 2020

The art of slow travel is about savoring the moment, soaking up every experience during your journey, even before you reach your destination. For many of us, it has become an essential way to travel, and flightless holidays represent the ultimate in relaxation from the moment you leave home. Here are just a few reasons why you should consider going for a no-fly option for your next getaway.

Richer Experiences:

A flightless holiday is an opportunity to, quite literally, get your head out of the clouds and ensure you don't miss a thing. Whether travelling by rail or river, at ground level you can meander through spectacular scenery and landscapes, fully immersed in your surroundings and with the chance to see far more than you would have from the air.

Regardless of how long or short your holiday is, choosing to slow travel is about taking the time to enjoy a totally different perspective, by soaking up local life and absorbing authentic experiences as you journey through the heart of your destination.

Relax Along the Way:

Airports can be far from relaxing places, so the opportunity to cut them out of your holiday experience can be very appealing. Slow travellers skip the stress and choose instead to enjoy the peace and tranquility of travel without a flight. Every moment becomes part of the holiday when you consider the gentle lapping of water against a ship as it glides along the waterways, or the rhythmic rolling of the railway as it traverses the countryside. Move around at your convenience, stretch your legs, and indulge all the senses. Travel should never be a means to an end.

The Romance of Rail:

There's something incredibly romantic about rail, evoking a sense of nostalgia and an opportunity to revel in the beauty of a destination. Take for example the Glacier Express, which provides one of Europe's most scenic rides as you take in the emerald lakes and flower-filled meadows of Switzerland. Or the Pride of Africa, considered the world's most luxurious train with its opulent and decadent style of the 1920s. Journey on one of these iconic railways and you can't help but fall in love.

Get a Taste of Local Life:

There's something magical about being truly immersed in the culture of a destination. It's a reason why so many people prefer to travel by rail when discovering somewhere new or returning to a favourite place. A slower pace provides the perfect opportunity to get a taste of local life along the way. Plus, you never know, you might just learn an insider's tip or two along the way!

Don't Miss a Thing:

The beauty of rail travel is that incredible scenery is always on view - from the picturesque vistas of the Swiss Alps to bustling cities. Every moment provides the chance to immerse yourself in a changing landscape from the comfort of your train carriage.

What's more, you'll even have the opportunity to observe landscapes you wouldn't typically be able to, whether they be inaccessible by car, or because you're otherwise high up in the clouds and unable to see the beauty of the destinations from the air - rail travel means you never have to miss a thing.

Flexibility and Convenience:

A flightless holiday often allows the opportunity for a greater level of flexibility with your travel. On a rail adventure, it couldn't be easier to incorporate more than one destination into your itinerary. Europe's rail network provides access to a treasure trove of connected countries - meaning you can spend less time queuing at departure gates and more time discovering somewhere special.

For the ultimate in convenience and comfort, escorted tours are a good opportunity to enjoy a richer experience by providing access to the very best that a destination or multi-trip tour has to offer in one easy booking.