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The most photographed places in the world

27 September 2018

Travel photography is nothing new - in fact, the practice dates back to the 1850s - but there's no denying that it has flourished in the digital era. 

With digital technologies constantly evolving, they're now informing the way we live. In recent years, social media channels like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have woven their way into the fabric of our day to day lives, changing the way we see the world and interact with one another. Today, we're sharing more of our lives than ever and, as families and friends fill our social feeds with inspirational travel content, far-flung destinations seem closer and more accessible than ever before.

But where are the most photographed tourist attractions in the world? According to data collated by Instagram, based on photos shared to the app in 2017, these are the top four:

1. Disneyland, California, USA

The happiest place on earth, Walt Disney's Disneyland in Anaheim, California can now also boast the accolade of the most photographed! An undisputed hive of magic and merriment, Disneyland is an instantly recognisable, family-friendly destination quite unlike any other. From the extravagant nightly firework shows and daily parades through the pastel-toned, vintage 'Main Street, USA', to its immersive theme park rides and iconic attractions that evoke warming feelings of nostalgia, this land of enchantment has delighted millions since opening in 1955.

Where to get the best photo: Sleeping Beauty Castle

The centrepiece of Fantasyland, this emblematic structure is one of the most instantly recognisable in the world. Based on the real-life Bavarian castle, Neuschwanstein, the photogenic Sleeping Beauty Castle is noted for its pink tones, elegant blue turrets and whimsical surrounding landscaping.

2. Times Square, New York, USA

Home to flashing lights, enormous billboards, flagship restaurants and some of the greatest theatres in the world, Times Square is the embodiment of the city that never sleeps. And, while the hustle and bustle of Times Square may mean it's not a favourite spot for many native New Yorkers, it's almost an unspoken rule that tourists must brave the crowds and noise in order to experience this bright, bustling, unforgettable neon wonderland first hand.

Where to get the best photo: TKTS steps

Head to Duffy Square at the north end of Times Square. From the iconic red staircase that houses the TKTS theatre ticket booth, you'll find a fantastic vantage point from which to view and photograph the excitement of Times Square.

3. Central Park, New York, USA

A tranquil oasis away from the furore of the city, Central Park offers over 800 acres of trees, gardens, lakes, flowers and sprawling open space. With a popular zoo, boating lake and even its own castle - Belvedere Castle, which sits perched atop Vista Rock at one of the highest elevations in the park - visitors can easily spend an entire day getting lost in nature.

Where to get the best photo: Gapstow Bridge

Built in 1896, beautiful Gapstow Bridge is found at 62nd Street in Central Park, at the northern end of the pond. Offering wonderful views of the juxtaposition of nature and cityscape (when facing south, New York's iconic skyscrapers can be seen rising from above the trees), this is the ideal place to capture a photograph that perfectly encapsulates the diversity of New York City.


4.  Eiffel Tower, Paris, France

It's little surprise that the magnificent Eiffel Tower makes an appearance on Instagram's list. An iconic Parisian landmark and enduring symbol of romance, the elegant, wrought iron lattice structure has towered over the romantic streets of Paris since 1889. In that time, it has become a global cultural icon of France, epitomising the romance, sophistication and beauty for which the country is renowned. 

Where to get the best photo: Champ de Mars

For a quintessential Parisian photograph, enjoy a stroll up the Champs de Mars - the beautifully manicured gardens at the base of the Eiffel Tower. Here, you can walk, relax, or perhaps enjoy a picnic while soaking up the unbelievable views of what's undoubtedly one of the most famous landmarks in the world.