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What’s new at Great Rail Journeys

7 May 2018

Chartered cruises coming to the best of the European rivers

You may well have noticed across our social media feeds and our brochures that we're very excited about our latest venture. You might also have noticed the home video of our launch featuring our very own cruise king, queen and enormous cruise ship cake. Perhaps you've received a brochure and already booked your cruise holiday.

Our brand new cruise charter collection is so exciting we just can't stop talking about it. We've dabbled before in river cruising and enjoyed every aspect, as have our customers, so after considerable research and customer feedback - we've decided to add another string to our bow by chartering our very own ships!

Cruising across a greatest hits list of European rivers including the Rhine and the Danube, the Great Rail Journeys Charter Cruises are completely designed from the ground up by our experts to amaze and enthral. From meals to excursions, accommodation to destinations and tour managers to special touches, these cruises have our indelible Great Rail Journeys' stamp all over them. These are our ships for the duration of the cruise, and we think we've created something fairly special with them.

For more information, follow this link - /holiday-types/exclusive-charter-river-cruise/

On board with Michael Portillo in India

Unsurprisingly, we're big fans of Michael Portillo and especially his railway programmes, whisking us away across the world on various adventures. We've been catching up on his recent offering, the wonderful Great Indian Railway Journeys and have been following it on all of our social media feeds.

Across the series, Michael's been to some of our favourite Indian destinations including the spectacular Amritsar to Shimla train which rises up through the mountains and beyond the clouds on an adventure through the foothills of the Himalayas. His stellar presenting style and sparkling charm are perfect for bringing out the wonder and enchanting magic of India, and the rail journeys which he goes on are really something special.

While the series has ended now, you can still find all the episodes on BBC iPlayer here (we recommend the Amritsar to Shimla episode). -

New tours galore!

With a new year, we bring a whole wealth of new tours coming to each of our collections. For all the information on these fresh products, be sure to visit our websites at and

You may already have received our worldwide brochures, but have you seen our latest holiday additions yet? On our new Great Rail Journeys' tours, we head out to explore the dramatic wilderness of America's Yellowstone Park, uncover the breath-taking nature of Canada's Cabot Trail and celebrate Christmas Russian style. Further south, we venture to the mystical Himalaya mountains, soak up the exotic colours of Java and Bali, and experience the majesty of China and Japan.

Our Rail Discoveries offerings are just as exciting, as we learn more about the history of South Africa, the beaches of Southern India, the intrigue of Vietnam, the glamour of Japan and the charm of the American West Coast.

Keep an eye out for our new European tours that detail the delights of special events and celebrations such as festive Switzerland, the RHS Chelsea Flower Show, Scottish Hogmany, Germany at Christmastime, and much more!

April Fool’s Day

Finally, we hope you all enjoyed our Great Rail Journeys ( April Fool's Joke! While we'd love to get both of these airship ventures off the ground (har har), they're both probably endeavours for the future.

We're also relieved to announce that we didn't get any enquiries on the day either over Facebook or through the phones, which might have been a tad hard to explain!