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Discover Spain by luxury train saving an incredible £1500 per couple on a Deluxe Suite cabin.

Luxury Holidays in Spain

Spain, where vibrant culture, rich history, and breathtaking landscapes come together to create an unforgettable mix of experiences. Whether it's the sun embracing ancient cities steeped in history or the aroma of Spanish cuisine filling the air, there are countless reasons this country is loved by many travellers. From the traditional streets of Seville to the beauty of the Asturian Coast, explore the best of Spain.

Our Independent Spain holidays offer a unique blend of luxury and discovery. Step aboard the El Transcantábrico, a luxurious train that winds its way through the lush landscapes of Northern Spain. On the breathtaking route from San Sebastian to Santiago de Compostela, medieval charm and spiritual wonders await at every turn. Or experience the Al Andalus Express, with its vintage carriages and world-class service, transporting you through the iconic Andalusian region, offering a glimpse into Spain's Moorish legacy and flamenco-infused culture. To discover the hidden gems of the Costa Verde, La Costa Verde Express meanders through northern Spain, revealing the verdant landscapes and captivating coastal vistas.

Spain, with its delightful trains and beautiful culture, offers a journey through picturesque landscapes that remain timeless. Unveil the secrets of its diverse regions, indulging in local flavours, exploring historic landmarks, and immersing yourself in the beauty that defines this extraordinary destination.

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