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Rhône River Cruises

Originating in the Alps, the Rhône flows south through Lake Geneva to the Mediterranean Sea. It joins the Saône in Lyon after travelling a distance of 497 miles. On a cruise along this often overlooked waterway, you'll be able to soak in gorgeous Provençal scenery of stunning jagged cliffs, the grand canyons of the Ardèche, and the unique beauty of the Camargue Delta. The banks of the Rhône are also home to some of the most productive vines in the world, and renowned wine-producing villages are liberally sprinkled along this mighty river.

As it makes its approach to the coast, the Rhône passes through two important towns; Avignon and Arles. The scenery here was a major influence for Van Gogh, who was inspired to paint 'Starry Night' after an evening looking out over the river.

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Travel along this picturesque river with Great Rail Journeys and explore a landscape that  inspired one of the most famous artists in the world, Vincent Van Gogh.

Whether you are interested in an itinerary stuffed with excursions and city tours or a more relaxing sight-seeing tour, our range of tours along the Rhone offer something for every kind of traveller - and can be enjoyed at your leisure.

Our river cruises stop up to three times a day, allowing guests time to explore their destination, relax on the ship, or enjoy shore excursions to local attractions, which may be included in the price of the tour. Free days are also incorporated into our itineraries; why not visit the range of unique museums in the Ardèche region, such as the Museum of Lavender and the Archaeological Documentation Centre.

Highlights of the River Rhône

Flowing south from the Alps, the River Rhône continues to Geneva before eventually meeting the Mediterranean Sea. We travel along the Rhône stopping at Lyon for a sightseeing tour and then continuing to Avignon and Arles. Deep in the heart of the wine region of Burgundy, the Medieval town of Beaune is fascinating to visit.

The banks of the Rhône were also a major influence for Van Gogh, who was inspired to paint his work 'Starry Night' by the stunning views.

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