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Escorted Barge Cruises

Barge cruising is distinctly different than other cruises in terms of its size, speed and the waterways in which they travel.  While they vary in size, most barges hold fewer than 20 passengers.   In addition, the pace of barge cruising is considerably slower, in fact most travel only a few miles per day.  And lastly, barges are typically found on canals - not rivers - so your waterway is the equivalent of a country road.  It should come as no surprise why enthusiasts will tell you that barge cruising is the most intimate form of cruising.  

On our unique rail & barge cruise itineraries, you'll have the opportunity to experience two fantastic modes of transport in one vacation!           

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Working closely with our specialist cruise partners, we have built up an impressive variety of river cruises that will take you all across the continent and beyond. Combining the majesty of river cruising, with the charm of travelling by smaller vessels, our barge cruises offer a different side to the wonder of cruise. Featuring a range of beautiful ships, with enchanting interiors and cabins, our barges can often access parts of rivers which are not available to larger craft, so our barge cruises are always something special.

Departures on these select barge cruises are limited to an intimate 24 passengers per sailing. Travel with an expert crew for a superb, personal on board experience, with a focus on relaxation, gastronomy and scenery. Gently cruise through French waterways, pausing to sip Champagne at a renowned Maison de Champagne, visit a traditional cheese maker to sample the authentic flavours, and visit a stunning historic châteaux, on a fabulous cruise that combines relaxation and culture.

So for those of you searching for the ideal intimate cruise option, take a look at the following tours and embark on your own barge cruise adventure.

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