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Musical Destinations around the Globe

5 June 2017

Music is a splendid thing, and comes in many genres that can be appreciated at a variety of destinations around the world. Here are our picks for musical holiday spots, by genre.

Where to go for… rock 'n' roll - Liverpool, UK

Home of the original Merseybeat sound that was iconic in the British Invasion in the '60s, there can be no better city than Liverpool for the sound of original rock 'n' roll. Liverpool is a city proud of its place in musical history, being the birthplace of The Beatles, Gerry & the Pacemakers, and Cilla Black. Although the sound of rock originated in America, the Liverpudlians made it their own, and today you can hear its echoes in the plethora of Beatles museums, and, of course, the one and only Cavern Club.

Where to go for… jazz music - New Orleans, USA

There is no other place in the world that can beat New Orleans for its jazz scene (although there's stiff competition from Memphis). Not only is New Orleans birthplace of Louis Armstrong, one of the most influential jazz musicians to live, it is also the birthplace of jazz music itself, and you can find it pouring out of everywhere. In the evening, head down to Bourbon Street, where you'll hear jazz of every genre coming from the bars that line the route.

Where to go for… country music - Nashville, USA

Nashville has much to boast when it comes to musical history (and to see the full extent of its musical heritage, you can find out more here) but as it only gets one spot on the list, we've decided to talk about the city's country music heritage. Famous for the Grand Ole Opry Hall of Fame that celebrates country music through the ages, including legendary acts such as Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson and the Everly Brothers.

Where to go for… opera - Verona, Italy

There are almost too many places in Italy to listen to the opera (not that we're complaining!) Whilst the Teatro alla Scala in Milan is often top of the list, we've chosen Verona, for its unique setting in the open-air Arena di Verona. Starting its long, long life as a Roman amphitheatre, it has retained its façade from ancient times, and is a glorious and atmospheric location in which to listen to a classic Italian opera.

Where to go for… classical music - Vienna, Austria

Vienna is a city that lives and breathes classical music. From bandstands on the Prater, to the magnificent Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra playing in the Golden Hall of the Musikverein, there is no escaping the classical sounds that pervade the city - and honestly, why would you want to? Boasting of a long history of both producing famous composers (Strauss, for example) and inspiring them (Haydn and Beethoven), Viennese classicism was the sound of the world in the 1800s, and continues to be the abiding sound of Vienna now.

Where to go for… ballet - St Petersburg, Russia

Admittedly, ballet isn't strictly music, however some of the most beautiful scores in the world have been composed purely for this intense art form. Tchaicovsky, a Russian national himself, is responsible for scores such as 'Sleeping Beauty', 'Swan Lake', and 'The Nutcracker', and you can see all of these magical scores performed to in the famed Mariinsky Theatre, by the Imperial Russian Ballet, arguably one of the world's leading ballet companies.

Where to go for… a shindig - Dublin, Republic of Ireland

Simply because there could be no list of musical destinations that did not involve the fun and frolics of Ireland, a city to simply go for a good time can only be Dublin. Traditional Irish music is beloved by all ages, and for good reason. The lively collection of instruments (traditionally a timpan, a feadan, hornpipes and a buinne) can cover a range of emotions, from lively and upbeat numbers to dance to, to a ballad for the end of the evening, and are best heard whilst sat in a pub, enjoying either a dram of whiskey or a pint of Guinness.

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