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Conwy Castle

Perched on a low hill overlooking the River Conwy, the magnificent complex of Conwy Castle has UNESCO World Heritage status. The eight huge towers and surrounding defensive walls were completed in 1283, and most of the outer structure remains intact. The castle was built to secure Edward I's position during the second Welsh campaign. This aim was largely successful; despite being sieged for four months in 1295, the castle and the wider town were never captured. Following this incident the castle saw very few battles, but during the Civil War the Parliamentary army took the castle from the Royalists, and by the time they had finished the castle was left as an empty shell.

In later years, steps were taken to prevent any further damage, and parts of Conwy Castle were successfully restored. As well as being UNESCO-protected, the castle is also recognised as a Scheduled Ancient Monument. Today visitors can get a glimpse of what life must have been like when the castle hosted the Royal family, or other important figureheads - and there are magnificent views over the bay and the town from the battlements.

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