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Waterford and Suir Valley Railroad

The Waterford and Suir Valley Railroad was originally opened as the Waterford, Dungarvan & Lismore Railroad in August 1878. At the time it was the most expensive line built in Ireland, due to the undulating landscape it ran through. Perhaps as a result of this, it also quickly developed a reputation as being one of the country's most scenic railroad lines. 

The line carried a large number of passengers and a heavy volume of freight traffic for many years, but these both began to decline after the Second World War, and the railroad was closed completely in 1967. 

Although some of the track was dismantled, the Waterford to Dungarvan section remained intact, and in 2003 the line was finally re-opened as a heritage railroad by a group of dedicated volunteers. Since that time, the Waterford and Suir Valley Railroad has gone from strength to strength, offering visitors beautiful views of rolling farmland and mountains during their journey alongside the banks of the River Suir. 

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