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Tsar's Gold Private Train

Guests of Great Rail Journeys who opt to make the epic and iconic journey along the Trans-Siberian Railroad from Moscow, Russia to Beijing, China will have the pleasure of traveling aboard the Tsar's Gold Private Train. This immaculate, privately-operated train offers undoubtedly the most luxurious way in which to cover the 8,961-kilometre route across Russia, Siberia, Northern Asia and down into China.

Effectively a five-star hotel in the form of a train, the Tsar's Gold Private Train is opulently decorated in vintage Soviet style and furnished to the highest standards of quality and comfort; the carriages which now comprise the train's 'Nostalgic Comfort' class, for example, were originally built for the use of former Russian president Leonid Brezhnev and his staff.  In addition to classical décor and sumptuous comfort the train is also equipped with every modern facility and features two beautifully-appointed restaurant cars which also serve as informal bar lounges in the evening.

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The Trans-Siberian: Moscow to Beijing

Let the Tsar's Gold Train take you on an incredible adventure across almost half of the surface of the world from the ornate splendor of Moscow to the bustling beauty of modern Beijing, through remote Siberia, beautiful Mongolia and the vast landscapes of the Gobi Desert.

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