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Kaiserwagen Suspended Railroad

Following a route just over thirteen kilometres in length that runs through the city of Wuppertal, western Germany, the 'Electric Elevated Railroad (Suspension Railroad) Installation', or 'floating train' as it is more fondly known, is the only one of its kind in the world.

Operating almost continuously since its inauguration in 1901, Wuppertal's suspended railroad has carriages that hang beneath its monorail track at a height of 39 feet (approximately 12 metres) as it follows the course of the Wupper River for 10 kilometres, dropping to an elevation of 26 feet (eight metres) as it passes through the city's streets for a further 3.3 kilometres. From terminus to terminus there are twenty stops and, traveling at speeds of up to sixty kilometres per hour, a one-way ride on this remarkable train takes around thirty minutes.

Whilst citizens of Wuppertal think nothing of using their suspended railroad as simply nothing more than another form of public transport, for visitors it presents a unique attraction and particularly when, as with Great Rail Journeys Cologne and The Kaiser's Carriage, there is the opportunity to ride in the historic and luxurious Kaiserwagen; a carriage built especially for the use of Emperor Wilhelm II of Germany on a test run of the new railroad in 1900.

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