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Fichtelberg Railroad

The historic Fichtelberg Railroad takes its passengers on an atmospheric journey through the Upper Ore Mountains, traveling under the bulk of Saxony's tallest peak to the highest town in all of Germany. The line is noted for being entirely steam-powered, as all of the locomotives are at least a century old.

Our journey on the narrow-gauge railroad begins in the delightful village of Cranzahl. On departing from the station, the steam train runs into a narrow valley, bordered by lush, undulating meadows and coniferous forests. Entering the Pölbach valley, the railroad begins to ascend, ultimately gaining 780ft in altitude by the journey's end. Soon the striking Fichtelberg Mountain comes into view, as the line twists and turns to continue its climb. The train passes over a series of bridges and trestle viaducts on its upward route to the head of the valley. From here our journey continues right along the edge of the border with the Czech Republic. With the scenery becoming ever-more dramatic from our vantage point on an embankment, our train crosses a steep gorge on a steel viaduct, and arrives at the terminus station of Oberweisenthal.

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