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Founded by the Romans in 28BC, the city of Turin has since been part of the Duchy of Savoy - including a stint as its capital - and the Kingdom of France before joining a united Italy in 1861. In the 1870s the Fréjus Tunnel was opened, providing a major link between France and Italy and boosting Turin's position as a bustling center of trade. As a result of this long and varied history, Turin boasts a fantastic architectural heritage and a wealth of attractions.

The Turin Shroud
One of the city's most famous features is the Turin Shroud, which was also a major reason for the city's growth. Believed to be an imprint of Christ's face after being crucified, the shroud has been displayed in Turin since 1578 - and the city became a popular pilgrimage site from that time. The city is also home to one of Europe's largest Egyptian museums, and is rich in beautiful green parks, spacious boulevards and airy squares lined with grand buildings.

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