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Grapevine Vintage Railroad

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Texas - The Lone Star State

Travel the length and breadth of the Lone Star State, on a tour of five iconic cities. From Dealey Plaza and the homestead of TV's 'Dallas', we explore the cowboy heydays of Fort Worth and the world's live music capital, Austin, before strolling through San Antonio's history and ending in futuristic Houston, the home of modern space travel.

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Travel back in time to the glory days of railroad travel in the USA on the Grapevine Vintage Railroad. Travel in style in carriages from the Roaring 20s whilst being pulled by either a restored 19th century steam locomotive, affectionately named 'Puffy', or a 1950's diesel locomotive named 'Vinny'. The railroad takes us along the Cotton belt Route from Grapevine to Fort Worth Stockyards, a historic district and former livestock market that grew in the 1800's as a result of the developing popularity of railroads in America. 

Julie Pacalon
Lynne Broadley
Helen Laverack
Kathryn Cambridge
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