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Deutsche Bahn

Deutsche Bahn, headquartered in Berlin, operates trains to all parts of Germany and neighbouring countries. The rail company offers a range of services in different train fleets. For long-distance journey, Deutsche Bahn operates the Intercity Express (ICE) trains that boast comfortable seats with adequate legroom. There's WiFi accessibility and charging socket at every seat. The onboard catering service makes meals, drinks, and snacks available during the journey. There are various generations of ICE trains - ICE 1, 2, 3, and 4. ICE 3 can reach a top speed of almost 190 mph. ICE 4 trains come with family area, children's area, and quiet zone along with newly modelled ergonomic seats.

There are a host of services that operate regionally, connecting different German cities and nearby regions. Interregio Express links 2 regions without stopping at all stations along the route, whereas the Regional Express is used for local connections as well as long distance services. Regionalbahn connects cities to their hinterlands, and the S-Bahn is ideal for travelling between cities.

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