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Chocolate Train

Running between Montreaux and Gruyéres is the incredible Chocolate Train. Beginning in elegant Montreaux by the shores of Lake Geneva, journey upwards on this delightful train, in either a fabulously modern panoramic carriage, or a wonderfully nostalgic and pretty Belle-Epoque style carriage. Enjoy the views of the stunning surrounds of Lake Geneva, fringed with the dramatic Alps that continue on into the horizon, before passing through a series of tunnels and coming out in a verdant Swiss valley, sprinkled with piebald cows and stunning Alpine chalets. On board, enjoy a selection of chocolate from Caillers, a stop on your tour later on in the day, as well as a chocolate croissant and a choice of tea, coffee, or hot chocolate. This trip truly encapsulates the utter best of Switzerland: the lakes, the mountains, the cows, and, of course, the chocolate.

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