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Amtrak's Capitol Limited

Washington to the Allegheny Mountains
Our overnight journey on board the Capitol Limited takes us 764 miles (1,230km) from Washington DC to Chicago. We begin at Washington's beautifully restored Union Station and as we leave the city we catch glimpses of landmarks such as the blue and gold dome of the largest Catholic cathedral in the US. The train soon enters the state of Maryland and we begin our climb through the Appalachians, which offers us wonderful views of the Allegheny Mountains along the way.

Across the Appalachian Trail to Harpers Ferry
The Capitol Limited crosses the famous Appalachian Trail, the world's longest continuous footpath, and travel over the Potomac River into West Virginia. The train then carries us along the beautiful Potomac River Valley and through the historic town of Harpers Ferry, renowned for its pivotal role in the American Civil War, before continuing through the peaceful, rolling countryside - once the scene of huge battles during the Civil War.

Through Maryland and Ohio to Cleveland
On leaving Martinsburg, the home of the oldest working railway station in the US, the Capitol Limited re-enters Maryland and heads through Cumberland towards the Cumberland Gap - a pass through the Appalachian Mountains. We quickly reach the Maryland/Pennsylvania State Line and travel towards Pittsburgh, arriving in the city at nightfall. Soon after leaving Pittsburgh we cross another State Line into Ohio and continue through the state's farmlands to Cleveland. Situated on the southern shores of Lake Erie, the city of Cleveland has been called home by many famous Americans - including political leaders, John D Rockefeller and Superman!

To Chicago
During the night we continue through Ohio on a route which follows the shore of Lake Eyrie to Sandusky, one of the Great Lakes' major coal shipping ports, and the port city of Toledo, situated at the western end of the lake. Leaving Lake Eyrie behind us we head into Indiana and race westwards across the state, arriving at the Illinois/Indiana State Line in the morning. Shortly after entering Illinois we reach the outer suburbs of Chicago. Enjoy the excellent views of the Chicago River and the dramatic city skyline as the Capitol Limited makes its final approach to our destination, the 'Windy City' of Chicago and its imposing Union Station.

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