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Our travel Insurance

When you book your holiday and venture abroad it's essential to have good quality travel insurance in place. Our travel insurance policy has been arranged exclusively for our customers and we have ensured you are covered for Covid-19 if you have to cancel your holiday because you've fallen ill with the disease or if you fall ill on holiday and need medical treatment or repatriation.

Our cover is provided through travel specialists Wrightsure Insurance Group and underwritten by ERGO Travel Insurance Services Ltd (ETI) and Insured by Great Lakes Insurance SE. Great Rail Journeys Ltd is an appointed representative of Travel & General Insurance Services Ltd, and all companies are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Our registration number is 769884.

Here's a summary of our policy. The full terms and conditions can be found in the policy wording, a copy of which is available here.

For customers who have already purchased insurance from us, the links below will take you to your policy details.

  • Insurance policy bought after 1st January 2022: View policy
  • Insurance policy bought after 26th September 2021: View policy
  • Insurance policy bought between 1st January 2021 and 26th September 2021: View policy
  • Insurance policy bought between 19th August 2020 and 31st December 2020: View policy
  • Insurance policy bought between 18th March 2020 and 18th August 2020: View policy

Premiums per person - for UK destinations

Duration Age 16-64  Age 65-69  Age 70-74  Age 75 & over
Up to 6 days  £12.00 £20.00 £22.00 £33.00
Up to 10 days  £22.00 £38.00 £40.00 £61.00
Up to 15 days £25.00 £44.50 £46.50 £70.00
Up to 20 days £26.00 £47.00 £49.00 £73.00
Extra weeks £8.00 £14.00 £15.00 £22.00

Premiums per person - for European destinations

Duration Age 16-64  Age 65-69  Age 70-74  Age 75 & over
Up to 6 days  £25.00 £45.00 £48.00 £71.00
Up to 10 days  £48.00 £85.00 £90.00 £134.00
Up to 15 days £53.00 £96.00 £100.00 £151.00
Up to 20 days £55.00 £98.00 £103.50 £155.00
Extra weeks £16.50 £29.50 £32.00 £47.00

Premiums per person - Worldwide destinations

Worldwide destinations excluding North America (US, Canada & Caribbean)

Duration Age 16-64  Age 65-69  Age 70-74  Age 75 & over 
Up to 11 days  £85.00 £175.00 £185.00 £280.00
Up to 18 days  £100.00 £195.50 £200.00 £295.00
Up to 25 days £110.00 £225.00 £245.00 £365.00
Extra weeks £30.00 £65.00 £65.00 £100.00

Worldwide destinations including North America (US, Canada & Caribbean)

Duration Age 16-64  Age 65-69  Age 70-74  Age 75 & over 
Up to 11 days  £110.00 £210.00 £225.00 £330.00
Up to 18 days  £120.00 £235.00 £245.00 £365.00
Up to 25 days £135.00 £275.00 £290.00 £435.00
Extra weeks £40.00 £80.00 £80.00 £120.00

 Children - 50% of 16-64 rate

Denial of boarding

Single Trip Price
Include as standard EU £3.50
Apply as add on to policy EU £4.50
Include as standard WW £4.75
Apply as add on to policy WW £5.50


Annual Multi Trip: Price
Include as standard EU £7.00
Apply as add on to policy EU £7.50
Include as standard WW £8.50
Apply as add on to policy WW £9.50

Premiums shown are based on the schedule of cover below. If your holiday value exceeds the schedule of cover in respect of cancellation, curtailment or abandonment, an increased premium will be quoted to cover you for your higher holiday value. You may choose to accept the standard schedule of cover at a reduced premium, but you should be aware this may not cover the full value of your holiday in the event of cancellation, curtailment or abandonment. 

These premiums and cover levels are subject to change. Premiums are inclusive of Insurance Premium Tax at the current rate. Premium is based on age at date of departure.


To be eligible for this insurance you must be a permanent resident of the UK.

Significant or unusual exclusions and limitations

There are some situations which you are not covered for. These generally involve anything you already know about or that is caused by deliberate or careless acts on your part. Full details of these are given in the policy document, covered in the General Exclusions section. 
Please also see the Important Notes set out below.

Significant features and benefits

Your policy includes the following benefits which are explained in detail in the policy document:

Section Cover Sums Insured (up to & per person) Excess
Section A Cancellation or Curtailment UK/Europe - £2,500 
Worldwide - £5,000
Section B

Medical Expenses
Inpatient Benefit

Additional cover provided is an additional premium has been paid to cover an existing medical condition only:
- Replacement of prescription medication
- Replacement of prescription sunglasses
- Recovery after surgery abroad 

£50 per full 24 hours up to a maximum of £1,000







Section C Accidental Death and Disability Benefit
- Accidental Death
- Disablement


Section D

Delayed Departure or Arrival
Cancellation due to a Delay of 24 hours or more

Missed Departure

Missed Connection

£50 per full 12 hours up to a maximum of £250

UK/Europe - £2,500
Worldwide - £5,000
UK/Europe - £500
Worldwide - £1,000





Section E Personal Effects
(Single item limit £250)
(Valuables limited to £500 in total)
Temporary Loss of Baggage






Section F Personal Money £500 £50
Section G Loss of Passport £500 £50
Section H Personal Liability £2,000,000 £50
Section I Legal Expenses £25,000 Nil
Section J Hijack £250 per full 24 hours up to a maximum of £5,000 Nil
Section K Mugging £50 per full 24 hour up to a maximum of £500 Nil
Section L Rail Cover
Unused pre-booked excursions
Unattended baggage
Extended travel delay

£20 after 3 hours, £50 after 6 hours

Section M Cruise Cover
Cabin Confinement
Unused pre-booked excursions
Cruise itinerary change

£25 per full 24 hours up to a maximum of £500
£100 per port up to a maximum of £300



Section N Denial of Boarding Extension - on payment of additional premium
If you are denied on your inbound flight - Additional Accommodation

If you are denied on your inbound flight - Additional Return Transport

£40 per 24 hours up to a maximum of £560
£300 Europe, £500 Worldwide


× loss of deposit excess is £25
◊ excess increases to £250 if aged 65 years and over 

Duration of cover

This policy of insurance will run for the period shown on your Holiday Booking Invoice.

Your right to cancel

You have 14 days from the receipt of your documentation to cancel your policy if you feel it does not meet your requirements.

Customer Service - Making a complaint

Our aim at all times is to provide a first-class standard of service. If you feel this objective has not been met  and wish to register a complaint, please contact us. Details are shown in the policy.

We are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority Our Registration Number is 769884.


We would like to draw your attention to some important features of your insurance including:

  1. Insurance document
    You should read this document and the policy document carefully. It gives full details of what is and is not covered and the conditions of the cover, Cover can vary from one policy to another so you should familiarise yourself with this particular insurance.
  2. Conditions and exclusions
    Specific conditions and exclusions apply to individual sections of your insurance, whilst general exclusions and conditions will apply to the whole of your insurance.
  3. Health
    This insurance contains restrictions regarding pre-existing medical problems concerning the health of the people travelling and of other people upon whose health the trip depends. You are advised to read the document carefully.
  4. Property Claims
    These claims are paid based on the value of goods at the time you lose them and not on a 'new for old' replacement cost basis. Deductions will be made in respect of wear, tear and depreciation.
  5. Limits
    This insurance has limits on the amount the insurer will pay under each section. Some sections also include other specific limits, for example, for any one item or for valuables in total.
  6. Excesses
    Under some sections of this insurance, claims will be subject to an excess. This means each person will be responsible for paying the first part of their own claim under each applicable section.
  7. Reasonable care
    You need to take all reasonable care to protect yourself and your property, as you would if you were not insured. Any amounts the insurers will pay for property left unattended in a public place or unattended vehicle is very limited, as specified in the wording.
  8. Sports and activities
    You may not be insured if you are going to take part in sports or activities where there is a generally recognised risk of injury. Please check that this insurance covers you or ask us.
  9. Customer service
    We always try to provide a high level of service. However, if you think we have not lived up to your expectations, please refer to the wording in the policy which outlines our complaints procedure.
  10. Cancellation rights
    This insurance contains a 14 day 'cooling off' period during which you can return it and get a full refund, providing you have not travelled and there are no claims. We reserve the right to deduct from the rebate of premium the reasonable costs incurred in processing the original sale and cancellation. Please note cancellation rights do not apply if your contract is a short-term insurance of less than one month duration.
  11. Fraudulent claims
    It is a criminal offence to make a fraudulent claim.

Important questions relating to health & activities


Your policies may not cover claims arising from your medical conditions. If you answer 'yes' to any of the questions below then you must declare the relevant conditions to us. 

The medical screening helpline +44 (0)1403 788985 may be contacted between 08.00 and 20.00 Monday to Friday and 09.00 to 17.00 on Saturdays. So that we can ensure you are provided with the best cover we can offer please read and answer the following questions carefully and accurately: Please see below for policy definition of Existing Medical Condition 

Please consider these questions very carefully in relation to yourself and your travelling companions insured by us. 

An insurance policy can only provide cover in respect of an event/occurrence which is sudden, unforeseen and beyond Your reasonable control. Any facts known to You, which could possibly result in you having to make a claim, must be disclosed to Us otherwise You may not be covered. In addition, anyone named under the policy must have read and understood the following relating to Pre-Existing Medical Conditions:

Medical Decision Tree 2020

Information you need to tell us

There is certain information that we need to know as it may affect the terms of the insurance cover we can offer you. You must, to the best of your knowledge, give accurate answers to the questions we ask when you buy your travel insurance policy. If you do not answer the questions truthfully it could result in your policy being invalid and could mean that all or part of a claim may not be paid. If you think you may have given us any incorrect answers or if you want any help, please contact the medical screening team on +44 (0)1403 788985  and we will be able to tell you if we can still offer you cover. 

In deciding to accept this insurance and in setting the terms and premium, We have relied on the information You have given Us.  

You must take reasonable care to provide complete and accurate answers to the questions We ask when You take out and make changes to Your policy. 

If the information provided by you is not complete and accurate: 

  • We may cancel Your policy and refuse to pay any claim, or 
  • We may not pay any claim in full, or 
  • We may revise the premium and/or change any excess, or 
  • The extent of cover may be affected.