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Aliens and UFOs - Hotspots of the World

19 March 2019

Aliens have long captured the imagination of the world in one way or another. Around the globe and throughout the centuries, people from all walks of life have gazed up into the black night sky and considered what strange beings lie beyond, and whether they have thought the same of us. They've inspired films, informed novels and left an indelible mark on human conscious, whether they do exist or not.

And talking of leaving a mark, there are locations worldwide which are notable for their suspected alien activity, where UFOs have been spotted, crop circles left and autopsies carried out. These are places where alien enthusiasts flock to every year on pilgrimages to anticipate visitors from outer space. In this blog, we're going to set off to these locations with a list of iconic destinations associated with aliens, so don your tin foil hats, equip your ray guns and prepare for blast off!


Roswell, USA

Here it is - Roswell, the grandfather of all alien hotspots. This small and unassuming city in the heart of New Mexico was an unremarkable, southwestern commune right up until 1947 when a series of alarming events occurred which would kick off a wave of alien hysteria which still influences depictions of extra-terrestrials to this day. On June 14th of that fateful year, a homestead worker discovered the remains of a flying object, which was described by the military as the debris from a weather balloon. The story seemingly died down until around thirty years later, when UFO researches and conspiracy theorists accused this explanation of being a cover up, and that the military had in fact recovered not only the remains of a spaceship, but also those of its occupants. A series of books followed, some with nearly ninety witness reports who stated that the remains were as 'nothing made on this earth'. While most evidence has been declared hearsay or debunked entirely, the story of Roswell and the government cover up, sparked international interest in the possibility of an alien crash site. Today, Roswell has its own UFO museum and also plays host to a UFO festival held in July.


Stonehenge, England

In the green meadows and hills of Wiltshire stands one of England's most cherished monuments, the iconic standing stones of Stonehenge. For centuries, these mystical stones have been worshipped, feared and respected by all kinds of people, from pagan druids to cynical businesspeople. A prehistoric ring of erected pillars dating back to 3,000 BC, those who constructed it left no writings about its purpose or its function, and as such a great deal of mystery arose around it. There is also the question of how it was made by its creators without wheels or pulleys, and with the long distances involved, leading many theorists to suggest a supernatural element. These naturally has drawn the attention of UFO researchers, many of who claim that Stonehenge was built with extra-terrestrial help. This reputation is embellished by the appearance of various crop circles created around the monument and the sightings of UFOs; many of these however have been debunked as hoaxes.


Tunguska, Russia

In central Russia, near the Stony Tunguska river, on the 30th of June 1908, an enormous 15-megaton explosion occurred over the forests of Tunguska, Siberia below, knocking down 770 miles worth of forest. This incredible event was described variously as a 'strangely bright, bluish-white heavenly body' which saw the sky 'split in two'. The event turned out to be the airburst from a meteor or an asteroid, which had long since disintegrated up in the planet's atmosphere. This occurrence, while no doubt as dramatic and as impressive as they come, seems to have a simple explanation. Naturally, there are several UFO researches who declare this to be another alien crash site, and perhaps more intriguingly, that benevolent extra-terrestrial forces protected the earth by blocking the asteroid itself with their spaceship. Whatever happened, Tunguska frequently appears in all kinds of science-fiction films, games and television series, so it's earned its spot on our list.


The Bermuda Triangle, Atlantic Ocean

The Bermuda Triangle has long since held a reputation for the unnatural thanks to stories of aircraft and ships which have disappeared when passing through. Various ships have vanished without a trace, including one which vanished with its crew, only for the ship to reappear later without a person on board. Another story tells of Flight 19, 5 torpedo bombers which were lost with no trace over the triangle in 1945. Many other travellers who survived passing through stated that all instruments failed and all sense of direction was lost. Alien conspiracists were quick to jump onto the Bermuda Triangle as a site of extra-terrestrial activity, and one deep sea diver has even gone on to claim that an enormous alien spaceship rests on the sea bed below. Most people however, subscribe to the opinion that the Triangle is notorious for its bad weather, a fact which is lent credence by its other nickname, Hurricane Alley.