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Tips and tricks for the North Yorkshire Moors Railway

4 May 2018

It's one of the copy team's favourite railway journeys in England - the incredible North Yorkshire Moors Railway. Running between Pickering and Whitby on a journey that takes you over the stunning North Yorkshire Moors, this line is a delight for train watchers of all ages! Planning a journey on it soon? Here are our helpful tips to make your journey even better.

Make a day of it

This one might be a bit obvious, but to really get a full and fantastic experience on the train, make your entire day about the line. Start at Pickering, and take the time to have a look around this historic station. This station looks like it comes directly from the 1930s, and it's a fantastic way to start your journey on a historic train. The journey along the countryside is as beautiful as it is changeable - at parts one can almost imagine Kathy and Heathcliffe hurtling about the wild moors, and at others, the scenery is as verdant and bucolic as a postcard.

Talk to the volunteers

A lot of the people who work on the line - from the ticket takers, to the conductors, to the engineers that maintain the line - are volunteers. They know all there is to know about this historic route, so if you have a particular interest in a specific engine, or even where a bridge at a certain point of the line comes from (the one in Goathland is from Durham), they're the first ones to ask.

Stop off at the stations along the way

Each of the stations have their own unique charm and history, so explore them! Goathland has been used as a filming location for both film and television, being used in Heartbeat as well as the first Harry Potter Film. Grosmont station is perfectly placed in the quaint village of Grosmont, and is utterly surrounded by incredible scenery that you can discover on a walk. Please bear in mind, however, though you are welcome to disembark the train, it won't wait for you to come back, so have a look at the train timetable first!

Explore Whitby

Whitby is certainly a destination that needs a special mention of its own. From walking up the 199 steps for a gorgeous view, to exploring the Gothic abbey, this Yorkshire seaside town is a delight to explore. An absolute must-do for any visitor to Whitby is to sample the fish and chips - it may be our Yorkshire bias, but they might just be the best in England.

Keep an eye on the calendar

Because the North Yorkshire Moors Railway is one of the most visited in Britain, they often run fantastic special events that give travellers on fantastic rail travel experiences. From journeys pulled by incredible locomotives, such as the Tornado engine, to behind the scenes looks at the delightful stations along the way, it's always worth keeping up to date with what the North Yorkshire Moors Railway will do next!