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The End of the World Train

14 April 2016

From its lively cities and football frenzy, to its passionate tangos and tree-topped mountains, Argentina is a spectacular destination filled with thrills for any traveller to enjoy. With so much to see and do in this incredible nation, many miss out on one of the country's true gems, a short yet scenic stretch of railway dramatically titled the 'Tren Fin del Mundo': the 'End of the World Train.'  

Constructed in the late 19th century, this heritage route is the southernmost functioning railway on earth. Originally named the 'Tren de los Presos', or 'Train of the Prisoners', the line was constructed to transport supplies to Ushuaia, where a penitentiary had been built in 1884. The route's first iteration had wooden tracks and featured oxen-pulled waggons, used to carry timber and other building materials to the prison site, with the upgrades to iron rails and a steam-hauled locomotive system made in 1909-10.

Despite its pragmatic origins, the contemporary Tren Fin del Mundo is now entirely used as a pleasant tourist attraction, delighting passengers on a trip that takes in breathtaking Argentinian landscapes. Travelling along the Pico Valley into the verdant Tierra del Fuego National Park, where waterfalls crash amidst dense patches of South American forest, the route provides a slice of Argentinian scenery at its very best. In addition to the beautiful surrounds, some of the services running on the route at the end of the world are steam-hauled, allowing passengers to enjoy the gentle chug of a traditional engine and billowing puffs of steam as they traverse this unique 7km railway.

Having been abandoned for forty years, the route's re-opening as a tourist attraction and heritage site has opened this stunning part of Argentina up for easier access, granting travellers an unforgettable way to experience this wonderful part of the world.