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Great Rail Journeys Present: Historical Tours

14 July 2015

Step into the past with Great Rail Journeys' new Historical Tours. Created in conjunction with the University of York, these insightful tours combine the experience of Great Rail Journeys travel experts with historical knowledge from the university's lecturers and PhD consultants. Featuring specialist guest speakers, our new range of tours offers you the chance to learn from award-winning academics and leading authorities on a range of fascinating historical subjects.   

Journey back to the Wars of the Roses as you visit the Houses of York and Lancaster, follow in the footsteps of the Romantic poets as you travel through Italy, or visit Churchill's beloved Chartwell - from English castles to the East India Company, enjoy a fascinating trip to the past on your holiday. Guided by experts, travel back in time to some of the most poignant moments of history on one of 8 new insightful tours. With a Great Rail Journeys Historical Tour, your holiday isn't just about where you go - it's about when.

Available NowFootsteps of the British Raj in India

Take a grand adventure to India on this superb tour, learning about the colonisation, and subsequent revolt, of this fabulous sub-continent through its art, architecture and distinct heritage.

Coming SoonThe Plantagenet Dynasty from France to England

Trace the legacy of the mighty Plantagenet family through France and England and discover their turbulent and fascinating past, travelling from Poitiers to Azincourt, London and Canterbury.

The Wars of the Roses

Explore the history behind one of England's most defining historical periods, journeying from Westminster Abbey, to York Minster and Bosworth Field, key locations of this dark period of English history.

Elizabeth I, Queen of the British Empire

Trace the turbulent life of one of Britain's greatest monarchs, from her childhood at Hatfield House, to her imprisonment at Hampton Court, and her final resting place at Westminster Abbey, on this compelling tour.

The Industrial Revolution

Travelling through the heart of Great Britain, explore how the Industrial Revolution altered the lives and livelihoods of so many in the 18th and 19th centuries. 

The Romantic Poets in Italy

Retrace the path of irresistible Byron, intriguing Shelley and charming Keats through stunning Italy on this captivating tour.

Grand Tour of the 18th Century

Discover the elegant 18th century on a stunning European journey. Travel from London to Venice, Rome, Florence, Geneva and Versailles on this engaging tour of a bygone era.   

From Wilderness to War: Winston Churchill’s Wartime Britain

Tread the hallowed ground of Britain's great statesman and peer into the political and personal life of one of the iconic leaders of the 20th century, revisiting some of the most important sites of the Second World War, both in Britain and France.

Watch out for this fantastic tour series, launching this August, or click the link for more information on the Footsteps of the British Raj in India.

Also available is our America's Founding History Tour, a voyage of discovery through the pivotal moments of the world's largest superpower, the United States of America.