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Belgium Christmas Markets

Our Christmas holidays to Belgium allow you to savour many of the typically Belgian delicacies, from Belgian Waffles and delicious chocolates made by Artisan chocolatiers, to specialist Belgian beers and traditional French Fries available from various street vendors scattered around the towns. The weather in Belgium at Christmas is much milder than other European countries due to its warmer oceanic climate and snowfall is rare. That is not to say, however, that the Belgian Christmas Markets are any less festive because of it.

The stalls have on sale various seasonal gifts and Christmas decorations, hand-crafted lace, trinkets, confectionary and other Belgian delights. Our rail holidays take you to a handful of the finest Belgian Christmas Markets, which ones you choose to visit on your Christmas break is up to you! Our experienced Tour Manager will be on hand the entire time should you need any assistance, or if you prefer to do things more independently your guide will be happy to leave you to your own devices.

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Famous for its lace, Bruges is often referred to as the 'Venice of the North' due to its large canal system throughout the town. Its extensively preserved medieval architecture is something to be marvelled at, most notably the Church of Our Lady with its brick spire soaring over 120m into the sky above this picturesque town. Among its cobbled narrow streets and charming squares lie a host of Bistros and restaurants, mixed in amid a diverse collection of museums meaning that there is plenty to see and do around Bruges. Here, the Belgian Christmas Market is a collection of around 30 traditional stalls selling a variety of gifts and speciality food and drink. If you're feeling adventurous, slip on some warm gloves and try out your ice skating skills at the seasonal ice rink located in Market Square.

For a larger-scale Belgian Christmas Market try Brussels, Belgium's capital city. Originally a fortress town, Brussels is now a large metropolis with over one million inhabitants. The architecture is diverse, ranging from the medieval buildings of the Grand Place, to post-modern buildings such as the EU Institutions. Situated around the city you will find plenty of art museums, including the recently established Magritte Museum and even a museum dedicated to Belgian comics. Sample some of the specialist Belgian beers brewed in the region, in particular the famous lambic style beer which is produced only in and around Brussels. The Belgian Christmas Market is held in the Place Sainte Catherine and has a welcoming and warming atmosphere. As well as the seasonal ice rink, there are plenty of stalls selling arts and crafts and delicious Belgian food and drink, guaranteeing a successful Christmas shopping trip.

The largest Christmas Market in Belgium can be found in Liège, with over 180 brightly coloured stalls stretching out between the Place du Marché and the Place Saint-Lambert. Illuminated to the greatest extent with glowing fairy lights and adorned with Christmas decorations, this Belgian Christmas Market is certainly worth a visit. Besides the market, Liège is renowned for its nightlife. Numerous lively pubs and bars are situated within the pedestrianised zone and are open late into the night.