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  • Canada vs. the U.S.A

    Canada vs. the U.S.A

    4 July 2018

    What is it about July that makes countries want to claim their Independence? Yes, we're definitely blaming the month here.

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  • The Natural Beauty of the United States

    The Natural Beauty of the United States

    23 February 2018

    Happy Birthday Mr President! No, we're not talking about the current one, we're talking about the original. The number one. The man who started it all: George Washington, who is celebrated on Presidents Day, that took place on the 19th of February this year. What better way to celebrate his country than having a look at some of its most spectacular natural wonders?

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  • Historic Southampton to New York Sailing

    Historic Southampton to New York Sailing

    30 May 2017

    For passengers looking to re-live the ‘Golden Age’ of sailing across the Atlantic, look no further than the charms of the Queen Mary 2, and the week-long journey on board a truly elegant ship.

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  • Atlanta and the Civil Rights Movement

    Atlanta and the Civil Rights Movement

    29 March 2017

    Atlanta, in the state of Georgia in America’s south, is at the heart of the American civil rights movement that secured all-important rights for non-white Americans, ending the Jim Crow era of discrimination and paving the way for equality.

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  • Classic Cars of Cuba

    Classic Cars of Cuba

    9 March 2017

    What springs to mind when you think of Cuba, the Caribbean island and archipelagos that lie at the meeting point of the Caribbean Sea, Gulf of Mexico, and Atlantic Ocean?

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  • Centennial US National Parks

    Centennial US National Parks

    8 April 2016

    August 25th, 2016 marks the Centennial anniversary of the US National Park Service and provides time for fans of the outdoors to celebrate the work of the great American institution.

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  • The Illinois Solar Eclipse 2017

    The Illinois Solar Eclipse 2017

    23 March 2016

    Discover the story behind one of the Solar System’s most beautiful events in a true once in a lifetime opportunity. On August 21 st 2017, parts of North America will look up to the sky and be plunged into darkness as the Moon passes between our humble home and the Sun.

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