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Arguably France's most famous waterway thanks to its Parisian connections, the Seine has an undeniably romantic vibe. Along the course of its route, which begins in the Langres Plateau 19 miles north of Dijon, you'll sail through some of the most iconic urban landscapes in Europe, seeing destinations such as Rouen and Paris in a completely different way. But it's not just about chic and stylish cities; the path of the Seine also takes in gorgeous Impressionist landscapes, regal châteaux and authentic fishing towns; enjoy overnight access to charming Honfleur, a spot not many other cruise ships can reach.

Whether it's the pastoral scenes that spurred Monet to buy his famous property at Giverny or a taste of court life at opulent and ostentatious Palace of Versailles, the Seine is awash with allure and beauty.

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An undeniably romantic waterway and arguably France's most famous river, the Seine's mesmerising urban landscapes and breathtaking scenery have inspired a myriad of art, including songs, novels and poems, as well as paintings from some of the world's most treasured artists. From its source just northwest of Dijon, the Seine winds along the picturesque Seine Valley, through a diverse landscape of epic forests, endless orchards and lush marshlands, all the while offering stunning panoramic views across France's heartland. After drifting for approximately 485 miles through the idyllic French landscapes, the Seine flows into the English Channel between Le Havre and Honfleur.

The twisting and looping route of the Seine Valley ushers the waters of the Seine through a diverse landscape, passing through iconic French towns and cities as well as lesser-known regions of Normandy. A journey along the Seine offers a diverse and memorable river cruising experience, taking in the sophistication and romance of Paris, the rustic charm of Melun and the Giverny garden that played muse to many of Claude Monet's masterpiece paintings.

Highlights of the River Seine

The river Seine takes us through the Seine Valley's diverse landscape of lush marshlands and forests. Arguably one of France's most picturesque waterways, the Seine certainly has a romantic atmosphere.

Twisting and turning along the Seine our ships take us through pastoral landscapes which inspired Monet to buy his own property at Giverny, as well as urban landscapes of well-known French cities including Paris and introducing us to quaint cities such as Honfleur and Rouen.

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