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River Cruises on the Garonne

One of the many rivers that thread across France, the Garonne is a beautiful waterway which wends its way through the south of the country.

Escorted Garonne River Cruises

Beginning in the north of Spain from headwaters in the Pyrenees, the Garonne flows through pretty countryside, wine regions and quaint villages to the Atlantic Ocean at the city of Bordeaux. The entire river makes up 374 miles and features some very attractive stretches of water, seemingly tailor-made for the cruising experience.

Highlights along this enchanting river include sights such as the serene Gironde Estuary, which forms the meeting point between the Garonne and the Dordogne. Also featuring along the banks are the cosmopolitan Toulouse, the historical Aiguillon and of course, the excellent Bordeaux. Bordeaux exudes French charm, and has a long and storied viticulture - one of the most famous in Europe. The region in which the Garonne drifts through is known as the Lot et Garonne, and features castles and valleys and more to entice visitors from around the world.

Naturally, a large part of the Garonne is the impressive wines which come from this corner of the globe, and this are well worth discovering in the wine taverns which line town squares in Lot et Garonne. 

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