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Visit the elegant monuments, baroque palaces and the beautiful cathedral of Bratislava, Slovakia's capital. Touring Slovakia by train is an ideal way to see the mountainous terrain that makes the country so popular with winter sports enthusiasts. In the spring and summer the Carpathians come alive with a dramatic range of continental flora and fauna. The path of the Danube takes it through the heart of Europe and touring Slovakia by train or boat is an excellent way to follow the path of the river. Tours of Slovakia by train are often best remembered for the spectacular view over Bratislava.

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Slovakia Traveller's Guide

Crossing Slovakia by train it is hard not to see dramatic scenery but even in a country where stunning views are almost commonplace the High Tatras stand out. The Slovaks are so proud of the High Tatras, the highest range on the Carpathians, that they are even mentioned in the National Anthem.

Should you choose to dine away from the group when crossing Slovakia by train you should be aware that Slovak tipping culture is very similar to that in the UK with locals often rounding up to the nearest 5 Koruna. 

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