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Our Journey in Rail and River Travel: A Global Legacy

Since our inception in 1973, Great Rail Journeys has not just been the UK's premier provider of rail-based holidays and river cruises, but also a part of a larger family of travel experts. Alongside our sister companies, Rail Discoveries in the UK and Vacations by Rail in the USA, we've been offering a world of exploration and adventure. Since welcoming Vacations by Rail into our family in 2019, our global footprint has expanded, bringing diverse experiences to travellers on both sides of the Atlantic.

Crafting Exceptional Experiences on Track, Tide, and Beyond

With a combined experience spanning over five decades, our group offers unique journeys by rail and river across the globe. From the scenic landscapes of the UK with Rail Discoveries to the vast expanses of America with Vacations by Rail, our itineraries are crafted to deliver immersive cultural, historical, and natural experiences. Whether it's the rustic charm of the Yorkshire Moors, the tranquil beauty of European rivers, or the iconic rail routes of the USA, our journeys are designed for the discerning traveller.

Comprehensive and Inclusive Holiday Packages

Our commitment to transparency and integrity extends across our group. We provide comprehensive, all-inclusive travel packages, ensuring a seamless and enriching experience whether you're travelling with Great Rail Journeys, Rail Discoveries, or Vacations by Rail. Each package includes transport, accommodation, select meals, and excursions, delivering exceptional value and ease.

Personalised Journeys Tailored to Every Traveller

We understand that travel is a personal affair. That's why we offer a range of customisation options across our brands. Tailor your rail journey or river cruise with Great Rail Journeys, opt for unique regional tours with Rail Discoveries, or embark on epic cross-country adventures with Vacations by Rail. The choices are as varied as the destinations we cover.

Expertise Across Borders: Our Dedicated Teams

Our Tour Managers, Cruise Teams, and travel experts across all our brands are the cornerstone of our travel experiences. With diverse backgrounds and a shared passion for travel, they ensure each journey is a memorable adventure, filled with stories and experiences that last a lifetime.

A Commitment to Responsible and Safe Travel

Across our group, we are dedicated to responsible tourism and the safety of our guests. As members of relevant travel associations and with appropriate bonding in place, we maintain the highest standards of practice, ensuring peace of mind from booking to the journey's end.

Celebrating Over 50 Years of Unforgettable Journeys

Great Rail Journeys, together with Rail Discoveries and Vacations by Rail, represents more than just travel companies; we are your gateway to the world. As we celebrate over half a century in the travel industry, we invite you to join us and explore the globe in unparalleled style and comfort.