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  • Why you should consider a walking holiday

    Why you should consider a walking holiday

    13 April 2018

    There’s something really quite special about the simple act of walking; heading out into the great outdoors and enjoying your surroundings at a slightly slower pace than usual.

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  • Where to walk in Switzerland

    Where to walk in Switzerland

    22 November 2017

    Hiking is one of the most rewarding forms of exercise in the world, and what country is more made for this particular exercise than Switzerland?

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  • A journey on the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express

    A journey on the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express

    27 September 2017

    Ask anyone for their idea of an iconic train, and the answer will always be the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express. This famous train has seen many iterations in its history, but currently it runs as the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express, run by Belmond, and still retaining its Golden Age charm that has enthralled passengers for many years.

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  • Romance on the Rails

    Romance on the Rails

    14 November 2016

    There is something undeniably romantic about travelling by rail. Maybe it's incredible landscapes or deep blue skies. Whatever it is, tales of romance on trains are always a joy to hear and report. One such story can be found in our Great Rail Journeys history.

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  • Top romantic train journeys

    Top romantic train journeys

    12 February 2016

    Ever considered having a romantic meal in an altogether different setting? Set aside the notion of a slap-up dinner in a chain-pub, or an over-expensive boutique restaurant in the city centre, why not do it by rail?

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  • Switzerland by train

    Switzerland by train

    26 January 2016

    It was with quite a lot of pleasure I recently spent five days in Switzerland as a guest of Swiss Tourism and was able to travel on three of the great iconic train journeys...

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  • Traditional Glacier Express

    Traditional Glacier Express

    12 November 2015

    The Glacier express has long been one of Switzerland’s most popular rail journeys, it traverses spectacular Alpine scenery and continues to astound at every turn. Spanning 181 miles from Zermatt to St Moritz with a travel time of around 8 hours.

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