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Canadian Rockies Holidays

The Rocky Mountains are the longest mountain range in North America, stretching over 3,000 miles from New Mexico in the USA to British Columbia in western Canada. You can explore the mountains by train on one of our fantastic Canadian Rockies holidays, calling at interesting towns and visiting natural wonders along the way.

The mountains are rugged, and turquoise lakes and glaciers fill the deep valleys. From the comfort of your train carriage, watch from the window as you journey past thunderous waterfalls, tumultuous rivers, gaping gorges and dense pine forests. Admire the beauty of Jasper National Park, marvel at the Thompson and Fraser Canyons, and stay overnight in peaceful mountain towns.

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Canada & the Rocky Mountaineer 2015Canada & the Rocky Mountaineer train tour

Itinerary Map

From the laid-back city of Toronto to the dramatic Pacific Ocean setting of Vancouver and the natural beauty of Vancouver Island, this incredible adventure takes us across Canada by rail, lifting us high into the mighty Rockies in style and comfort on board the iconic Rocky Mountaineer, one of the world's greatest trains.

Canada Coast to Coast 2015Canada Coast to Coast rail holiday

Itinerary Map

Discover the best of Canada on this truly epic journey from Vancouver to Halifax. Travelling on iconic trains across the entire continent of North America, the view outside your window changes every day, from the towering Rockies to the central plains, the great lakes and finally the rugged coastline of Nova Scotia.

The Canadian in Winter 2015The Canadian in Winter

Itinerary Map

On this famous cross-continental adventure by train, we spend three unforgettable nights in fantastic Toronto, visit the incredible Niagara Falls and travel through the spectacular frosted scenery of the Canadian Rockies. We stop in icebound Winnipeg, isolated Edmonton and quaint Jasper en route to cosmopolitan Vancouver.

Rockies & Alaska Cruise 2015Glacier Bay

Itinerary Map

Breathtaking mountain scenery in Canada, the craggy coastline of Alaska, and the attractions of cosmopolitan Vancouver are all slowly revealed on this stunning Rockies and Alaska rail and cruise holiday. Snow-capped peaks look close enough to touch, whilst icebergs float by as you cruise serenely along the Inside Passage.

The Canadian at Christmas 2014The Canadian at Christmas

Itinerary Map

Celebrate the festive season with a fabulous holiday on this famous cross-continental train. We spend three unforgettable nights in fantastic Toronto, visit the incredible Niagara Falls, and stay two nights in cosmopolitan Vancouver. Here we enjoy a wonderfully festive sleigh ride on the snow-capped Grouse Mountain.

The Canadian Rockies and Vancouver 2015Jasper National Park

Itinerary Map

Experience the very best of Western Canada on this sensational tour travelling through some of the most scenic routes in the world. Discover the country;s most impressive natural wonders, explore the Rockies in style on the renowned Rocky Mountaineer train and unwind in Canada's most desirable city, Vancouver.

Showing 1 to 6 of 6 holidays

Enjoy Canadian Rockies Holidays

At Great Rail Journeys we have years of experience in putting together rail tours, and Canadian Rockies holidays are no exception. Everything is included from air travel and accommodation, to excursions and the services of a professional Tour Manager. Accommodation is hand-picked to make sure that it is of the highest standard for our guests, and we aim to choose a hotel based on its good location, range of facilities, friendly service and value for money.

On Canadian Rockies holidays you may get the chance to stay overnight on a sleeper train. If you travel on the Canadian, you will be treated to the best accommodation on the train. Your private en suite cabin has comfortable armchairs for relaxing during the day and comfortable upper and lower berths at night. Dining on board the Canadian is a first rate experience, with freshly prepared meals served to you in the dining car. There is also an observation dome car that presents unspoiled views of the Rockies, and a comfortable lounge area where you can socialise with your fellow passengers.

On some Canadian Rockies holidays you will also get the chance to travel along a historic railway line on board the Rocky Mountaineer. Various routes are taken that present you with spectacular views of natural landmarks including Seton Lake, Cariboo Plateau and Mount Robson, the highest mountain in the Rockies which stands at almost 4000 metres above sea level.

In almost every place that we stop at on Canadian Rockies holidays, there will be a guided tour or an exciting excursion that allows you to get a feel for the place. Occasionally there are optional excursions that you can pay for while you are there, and there is plenty of free time built into the tours to allow you to explore independently. If you are unsure what to see or do during your free time on Canadian Rockies holidays, do not hesitate to ask your Tour Manager.

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