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As guests on an escorted rail tour of Portugal will find, there is so much more to enjoy than the Algarve's golden beaches.

Rail Tours in Portugal

Train Travel in Portugal and the Douro Valley

In Portugal, enjoy a culture of almost perpetual relaxation. Unwind in the shade of a leafy vineyard, glass of port in hand, or soak up views of steep valleys, quaint Quintas and lush olive groves as you sail along the golden Douro. These sun-soaked retreats have enticed holidaymakers for decades.

The Portuguese people are cheerful and friendly, and this is no surprise when Portugal's scenery, climate, and an abundance of beautiful and historic cities and towns are taken into consideration. Exploring Portugal by train with Great Rail Journeys offers the chance to relax and discover the wonderful landscapes along the Douro River as well as visiting the cities of Porto and Lisbon.

Along the way you might uncover the story of Portugal's famous fortified wine, take a pleasureable stroll through villages steeped in tradition, admire a range of magnificent historic architecture and sample some of the fresh and mouth-watering seafood for which Portugal is justly renowned.


  • Discover Salamanca, the 'Golden City'.
    A guided tour of the 15th-century cathedral, Plaza Mayor, and the Casa de las Conchas.

  • Take a cruise on the 'Golden River'.
    Our cruise on the 'Golden River' takes us through the heart of the Port-producing region of Portugal.

  • Enjoy a Port-tasting in the famous Douro Valley
    Wander through Guimarães, the first capital of Portugal whose attractive, narrow streets have UNESCO World Heritage status
    Portugal & the Douro

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Discover the Douro

The magnificent Douro is Iberia's most famous waterway, winding through golden valleys alongside enchanting towns and past regal wine estates. This cruise on board the Douro Serenity reveals the innate and timeless beauty of this fantastic river, stopping at hand-picked ports of call along the way.

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8 days from £1,845 pp

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Lisbon & Douro Cruise

Travel to shimmering Lisbon and resplendent Sintra on a Portuguese voyage of discovery before continuing on a fantastic 7-night cruise along the golden Douro.

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11 days from £2,595 pp

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Portugal & the Douro

Flowing from northern Spain to the ocean in Porto, the Douro River carves our route through a rolling landscape of vineyards towards historic Porto. Exploring not only the ever-changing scenery, but also the gastronomic delights along the way, we continue to vibrant Lisbon, with its Moorish influences and charming streets.

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14 days from £2,995 pp

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Douro Cruise on the Spirit of Chartwell

Iconic port wine, enigmatic cities and Portuguese charm, all on a ship used by Her Majesty the Queen, makes this cruise one to remember. Discover the unique culture of the golden Douro river on board the exclusively chartered Spirit of Chartwell.

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Douro Cruise onboard the Spirit of Chartwell (Fly & Cruise)

Iconic port wine, enigmatic cities and Portuguese charm, all on a boat used by Her Majesty the Queen, makes this cruise one to remember. Discover the unique culture of the golden Douro river on board the excellent Spirit of Chartwell.

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Discovering Portugal and the Douro Valley with Great Rail Journeys

Although relatively small in area, Portugal has a huge amount to offer visitors and lends itself perfectly to exploration by rail. Great Rail Journeys has taken great care to put together escorted rail tours of Portugal that are excellent value for money yet offer a full itinerary of excursions and activities that showcase the best of Portugal's attractions.

Everything is covered by the price of your Portugal train holiday including each-way rail travel by Eurostar (or, optionally a return flight from Lisbon to London), all travel during the tour, a varied programme of exciting and enjoyable excursions, all overnight accommodation and a selection of meals.

You'll also have the services of an experienced and friendly Tour Manager at your disposal. The Tour Manager's role is to provide help and assistance whenever needed, and to ensure that you have the most relaxing, rewarding and memorable rail tour of Portugal possible.




River Douro

Hand-picked by us for its quality, value, location and guest facilities your accommodation will be of a high standard. We like to choose locally-owned and run hotels for the more personal service and relaxed atmosphere they provide.

Portugal Traveller's Guide

Europe's westernmost country, Portugal is located on the Iberian Peninsula and is bordered by Spain to the north and east and the Atlantic Ocean to the south and west. One of Europe's longest-established nations, Portugal's early history was marked by invasions, conquests and settlements by the Celts, Romans, Visigoths and the Moors. Each of these races shaped the country in some respect: the name Portugal itself, for example, is believed to combine the Latin word portus ('port' or 'harbour') with the Celtic word cale ('tranquil' or 'warm').

Northern Portugal is mountainous and receives more rainfall than other regions. As such it is characterised by dense forests and lush mountain valleys which are ideal for supporting vineyards. In central Portugal, the Atlantic coast is defined by its traditional fishing villages, whilst further inland agricultural land dominates. Southern Portugal is hilly, but inland this region sees the least rainfall making it suitable for livestock grazing but not large scale farming. The Algarve, at Portugal's foot, is renowned for its unspoilt beaches backed by sandstone cliffs and is a key destination for holidaymakers.



Mateus Palace

Portugal's temperate maritime climate differs depending upon altitude and location. Winters are mild, but the north of the country experiences the coolest temperatures and most rainfall. In summer Portugal is largely warm and sunny throughout although inland temperatures can reach 40°C (104°F), whilst the Atlantic and Mediterranean coasts remain cooler.

Gastronomes will find much to enjoy in Portuguese cuisine. Grilled Piri-piri chicken with its distinctive chilli and garlic flavour is found everywhere but other specialities include salted cod - bacalhau - which forms the basis of many traditional dishes, the pork of the naturally-reared Black Iberian pig, and freshly-caught sardines which, when barbecued, are incomparably delicious. The traditional Portuguese custard tart, Pastel de Nata, is equally not to be missed.

Portuguese greetings are often formal and include a handshake. Most Portuguese people forgive errors in etiquette so long as you make an effort to be respectful. Please and thank you are por favor and obrigado respectively.

Tipping is customary in Portugal but only when the service warrants it. Five to ten percent is sufficient for taxi drivers and waiters. As much of your train travel through Portugal is done as a group, your Tour Manager will provide the gratuity for group meals, tour guides and hospitality staff.

The official language of Portugal is Portuguese. The currency here is the Euro € and the capital city is Lisbon.

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