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Rail Tours in France

Escorted Rail Travel in France - Enjoy the History, Culture and Cuisine

Whether a romantic stopover in Paris, a short break in the rustic Dordogne region, or a relaxing stay on the shores of Lake Annecy, holidays by rail travel across France offer unforgettable experiences. Just a short jaunt across the channel our breaks in France can be combined with cruises through some of Europe's most beautiful landscapes for an unforgettable Gallic holiday.

The French are proud of their rail travel because France's rail systems are modern, efficient and designed to be enjoyed.

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Luxembourg & Metz Christmas Markets 2014Luxembourg & Metz Christmas Markets

Itinerary Map

On this Christmas Market holiday we stay in Luxembourg and uncover the Grand Duchy's seasonal highlights, castles and wines. We also pay a visit to the charming Christmas Market in nearby Metz.

Arras & the Somme Battlefields 2014Arras & the Somme Battlefields

Itinerary Map

From our base in delightful Arras, we explore the World War I battlefield sites and moving memorials in the Somme, discover how Arras was restored to its former glory and ride the P'tit Train historic military railway.

Lille, Flanders & the Somme 2014Lille, Flanders & the Somme

Itinerary Map

A short rail journey to Lille takes us close to the Battlefields of Ypres and the Somme, which we explore either side of a guided tour of the fascinating city of Lille, which includes a 'gourmet' beer and waffle tasting.

Remembrance Day in Flanders 2014Remembrance Day in Flanders

Itinerary Map

On this fascinating tour to Bruges, we commemorate Remembrance Day in the city of Ypres. We watch the Poppy Parade and witness a special Last Post ceremony before attending a Commemoration Concert.

Amiens & the Somme Battlefields 2014Amiens & the Battlefields of the Somme

Itinerary Map

This insightful tour revisits some of the most important sites of the First World War - the battlefields and villages of the Somme. From pretty Amiens we discover trenches, a crater, a museum and a military railway.

Luxembourg, Verdun & The Moselle 2014Luxembourg, Verdun & The Moselle

Itinerary Map

Discover the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg on this enchanting tour, during which we explore its historic capital and beautiful villages, visit nearby Trier and the moving Battlefields of Verdun.

Armistice Commemorations from Lille 2014Armistice Commemorations from Lille

Itinerary Map

A memorable tour to visit the moving battlefield sites and cemeteries in Flanders and the Somme, followed by the poignant experience of the Armistice Day memorials in the historic town of Ypres.

Colmar & the Black Forest Christmas Markets 2014Colmar & the Black Forest Christmas Markets

Itinerary Map

Ancient half-timbered houses with timeless charm clamour for attention in the beautiful Alsatian towns of Colmar and Strasbourg, which come alive with Christmas atmosphere during their annual 'Marchés de Noël'.

Battlefields from the Hermitage 2014Battlefields from the Hermitage

Itinerary Map

From our elegant 5-star hotel in the heart of Lille, we visit some of the poignant battlefields and memorials in Flanders and the Somme, regions which saw some of the fiercest battles in World War I.

Battlefields of Ypres & the Somme 2014Battlefields of Ypres & the Somme

Itinerary Map

Discover the Western Front of the First World War on this moving tour to Ypres and the Somme. We discover the many landmarks, memorials and museums dedicated to those who sacrificed their lives in the conflict.

Showing 1 to 10 of 56 holidays

Rail Travel in France - Traveller's Notes

Tipping culture in France is similar to that in England. Your waiter is not working exclusively for tips as French law states that a service charge must be included in the price of all meals and drinks.

Rail travel in France is both delightful and practical. High speed trains run on many routes and punctual service makes travelling by rail reliable and relaxing.

Call us using the number at the top of the page for more information on our holidays that offer rail travel in France or to talk to someone about planning a holiday by rail.

Capital City:Paris
Electricity:European adaptor required
Famous for:Fine foods, flamboyance and Jean-Paul Sartre
Population:65.4 million

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