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Rail Tours in Australia

The Great Trains of Australia

Travel by train and Australia unveils her secrets. It is a hard life down under, but only if you have a phobia of vast open skies, dramatic landscapes, fine dining, stunning sea life and friendly locals. With the tropical eucalyptus forests blending into savannah and then hundreds of miles of red desert, taking the train across Australia requires a special kind of locomotive.

The trains of Australia are iconic yet practical - fit for the purpose of journeying across a rugged continent. Named after the hardy Afghan camel The Ghan runs north to south while the legendary Indian-Pacific crosses from Sydney to Perth over the longest straight track of railroad in the world.

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Australia & the Ghan 2015The Ghan

Itinerary Map

A fantastic rail adventure in many of Australia's highlights including the Great Barrier Reef, Uluru and the Blue Mountains. A wonderful train journey on the legendary Ghan from Alice Springs to Adelaide is a real highlight, and time to explore Melbourne and Sydney completes this holiday.

Christmas & New Year in Australia 2014Christmas & New Year in Australia

Itinerary Map

Enjoy this fantastic adventure taking in many of Australia's highlights including the Great Barrier Reef, Uluru and the Blue Mountains. Our wonderful tour is crowned with Christmas in Adelaide, and a truly unforgettable New Year's Eve in Sydney, where we admire the amazing fireworks from a ship in the iconic harbour.

Showing 1 to 2 of 2 holidays

Travelling by Train in Australia - Traveller's Notes

If you choose to dine out when travelling by train in Australia then do not feel obliged to tip. Many Australians only tip at black tie venues or for exceptional service.

One of the major attractions of travelling by train across Australia is the scenery. In places the Australian landscape is as flat as still water while in others the ground shoots toward the sky in mesas and buttes.

For more information about taking the train through Australia please call the number at the top of the page.

Capital City:Canberra
Currency:Australian Dollar
Electricity:Australasian adaptor required
Famous for:Barbeques, beaches and the Sydney Opera House
Population:22.6 million

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