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Five Reasons to Try River Cruising

River cruising may not be as well-known as ocean cruising, but it's quickly gaining ground.  Thanks to luxurious new ships, immersive itineraries and a focus on culture and exploration, river cruises are more popular than ever.    

Curious if river cruising is the right vacation for you?  Here are our top five reasons to try river cruising. 


Bigger isn’t always better

River cruising is an intimate experience, typically with fewer than 200 on-board guests plus a crew of staff, dedicated to ensuring your vacation is seamless.  The ship's small size results in a more inviting and personal experience, giving you more opportunities to interact with fellow, like-minded guests, which often leads to lifelong friendships.

Along the banks of rivers, you'll find Europe's most cosmopolitan cities developed as the world's first trade routes. But beyond the iconic cities such as Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin and Budapest, smaller ships mean you'll also have access to the quaint villages and towns waiting to be discovered.  On a river cruise, you'll travel beyond the big metropolises and visit hidden gems, resulting in a truly immersive destination experience.

12-days from $3,225

Amadeus Silver III

Destinations come to life

MS Renoir Paris

One of the best parts of traveling is learning about the history, culture and traditions of the places you visit.  On a river cruise, this is done in an all-encompassing manner.  Included shore excursions consist of guided tours that help guests become well-acquainted with the culture, art and history of the destinations  Evening entertainment often pays homage to the regions you visit, and onboard activities may include a pre-arrival lecture about the upcoming port or perhaps a language class to teach you the basics. Regional menus are designed around local produce and are typically prepared with ingredients the chef purchased while in port.

River cruising is a wonderfully immersive way to experience each of the places you visit as all these factors combine to bring the countries to life.  

11-days from $3,225

Convenient & stress-free

With river cruising, traveling from place to place is part of your vacation and what's more, all the details are taken care of - itinerary, transportation, lodging, food and activities - the only thing left for you to do is to unpack, unwind and enjoy the journey.

River cruises also benefit from easy access to the heart of the cities you visit. Most times, your ship pulls right into the center of town - giving you more time to spend in port.  Plus, it's nice to have  the ship nearby if you need a break - to take a nap or relax on the sundeck- before heading back out to explore.  

Leave the planning and organizing to someone else and focus on what you came for - to experience something new.

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Amadeus Provence Infinity Pool

Relaxed luxury

Amadeus Queen, Restaurant

Today's ships are floating, upscale, modern hotels with contemporary décor, glass walls, plenty of natural light.  Expect modern, well-designed spaces, elegant décor, excellent service and an inviting atmosphere. Staterooms are designed with your comfort in mind and each offers fluffy bedding, private bathroom and a spectacular river view.  Some may even have balconies, include refrigerators, marble bathrooms or even heated floors.

When it comes to dining, guests are given a choice of gourmet dining options, including where and what to eat.  On many ships, breakfasts can be enjoyed al fresco or at the morning buffet-lunches and dinners feature casual attire and open seating, allowing guests to meet new people or enjoy the company of the same group daily.  

11-days from $3,195

Undisputed Value

The all-inclusive nature of river cruise pricing offers a great vacation value and ensures there are no surprises along the way.  Inclusions vary by cruise line, but in most cases your upfront price will not only include your accommodations, meals, onboard activities and entertainment, but is also includes shore excursions, free Wi-Fi as well as beverages (beer, wine, soda, coffee & tea) with lunch and dinner.  And while not normally free, cocktails and spirits are very reasonably priced.

As with hotels,there is a wide range of prices across the different cruise lines, but when you factor in value for money, it's hard to beat river cruises!

7-days from $2,035

Amadeus Silver Sundeck