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Langley Castle Hotel, Langley-on-Tyne

We are accommodated in the Castle View Rooms (upgrades available - please call for details), which are located just across the garden from the main Castle in an annexe building, and offer superb views over Langley Castle. All en-suite rooms are stylishly decorated with contemporary, yet not out of place, furnishings, and are equipped with modern conveniences to enhance the comfort of your experience. All beds in our included rooms included a draped canopy, and features include a television, telephone, complimentary Wi-Fi access, minibar and tea/coffee-making facilities.

Nestled in the heart of the verdant and scenic Northumbrian Valley, Langley Castle is one of the most exceptional hotels in England. A 4-Star castle hotel, Langley Castle is set within its own ten-acre woodland estate, which provides a wonderfully romantic, secluded and tranquil setting. Exuding a welcoming ambience throughout, Langley Castle is widely regarded as one of the finest hotel in all of Northumberland and offers an unparalleled experience in many ways.

Langley Castle dates back to the 14th century, having been completed in 1365 during the reign of Edward III, which is in itself impressive considering the remarkable state of repair that the castle is in. Through its more recent history, Langley Castle's various proprietors have undertaken painstaking restoration work on the castle to ensure it could once again gleam in its former glory to present to guests the fabulous hotel experience they have the privilege of enjoying today. Two of Langley Castle's most distinctive features are its status as a fortified medieval castle hotel, of which there are very few in England, and the "Garderobes tower", which is itself a somewhat rare historic artefact as it was an incredibly lavish addition for its time.

Somewhat counter-intuitively, one of Langley Castle's most historic and memorable moments occurred only a few years ago. The castle and its estate - but not the accompanying Barony title - were purchased by historian Cadwallader Bates in 1882, which separated for the first time since its completion the Barony of Langley with the castle, the official seat of the Barony. Just over 100 years later, the Castle was purchased by its current proprietor, Dr Stuart Madnick. In 2007, the same Dr Madnick was awarded the title of the Barony of Langley, reuniting the Castle and the Baron after 125 years, making the castle today a truly timeless artefact.

Of course, Langley Castle also has several attractive physical features that contribute to this effect. From the very approach to the castle, the 14th century fortifications are visible from your first glimpses. The interior of the castle is a delicious, authentic montage of exposed stone, beautifully and seamlessly interwoven with tapestries of red and gold, with some depicting artistic scenes. In the drawing room there is an original stone fireplace and stained-glass windows, adorned with plush red furnishings which is a delightful spot to unwind with a drink in the evenings.

Langley Castle is not only one of the finest hotels in Northumberland, but also offers a fine experience throughout your stay, with some truly sumptuous dining on offer. The castle's main restaurant, Josephine's, is an ambient, award-winning restaurant and bears the honour of being in receipt of two AA rosettes. The menu offers a variety of cuisines to please every palate with a modern English twist.

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