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Michael Lucas

Tour Manager

Date I joined GRJ

January 2008


I worked in the insurance and investment industry for a total of 35 years in places such as London, Bristol, Southampton and, finally, York, where I established my own business. The business was sold in 2002 - enabling me to spend more time with family, and pursuing my interests in music and travel.

Favourite rail journey

The Inlandsbanan Railway

A gentle journey through the remote regions of Sweden's interior, travelling northward beyond the Arctic Circle. The journey passes fast-flowing rivers and mirror lakes, stopping at various villages along the way for brief meetings with local people. Throughout the journey you can spot a variety of wildlife such as reindeer, fox and even a rare black bear - if you are lucky!

Favourite GRJ tour

Grand Imperial Cities

An amazing journey through European history; the people and places providing a fascinating insight as to how present day Europe has developed over the centuries to what it is now and what it could become.

One destination everyone should visit

New York

Love it or hate it, but don't dismiss it.

Top traveller tips

Share your experiences and enjoy the company of your fellow travellers.

Keep your valuables safe, out of view and secure - especially when travelling on trains, through stations and visiting any busy, bustling tourist location.