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Low Deposit Offer January 2019

Terms and conditions 

This Low Deposit Offer is only available on 2019 Rail Discoveries holidays included in the Rail Discoveries Summer Europe & UK brochure, included in the December 2018 mailing

A reduced deposit of £50 per person is applicable to all qualifying Rail Discoveries 2019 bookings confirmed between 27th December 2018 and up to and including 15th February 2019

£50 per person - Individual tour Low Deposit featured in the Rail Discoveries Summer Europe & UK brochure:

19ILB 19TFF 19HZS  19ANF 19BGB 19ITS 19CLF 19BIS 19LES 19IPF 19BOS 19LMS 19LEF 19BVS 19LUL 19LGF 19CCS 19LVS 19MJF 19CLS 19NRS 19OLF 19COS 19ORL 19PKF 19DLS 19PVS 19PUF 19DMS 19RES 19SCF 19DQS 19RFS 19SIF 19EUS 19RIS 19SJF 19FKE 19RSS 19SWF 19FRS 19SIS 19TAF 19GLL 19STS 19TAS 19VIS 19MXS 19TFS 19WES 19NFS 19CAJ 19AHS 19OHS 19CNS 19BWS 19WCS 19CVS 19CWS 19YDS 19FNS 19ETE 19YHE 19GMJ 19FWS 19YHS 19JAS 19HSS 19KES 19ISS 19MWJ 19IWS 19NEC 19JES 19NHW 19LKL 19RTJ 19LLS 19SAS 19LRS 19TDG 19MVE

  • The Low Deposit Offer is only applicable to the basic holiday price. Any single supplements, extra services, insurance or upgrades are charged separately at the time of booking
  • The Low Deposit Offer is only available on bookings made on or before the 15th February 2019 and does not apply to bookings made after this date (unless otherwise stated above)
  • The balance of the deposit, which is equal to the Full Standard Deposit value minus the reduced deposit amount paid is payable 31st March 2019 or at the time of full balance payment, whichever comes first
  • If the balance of the deposit is not received by the 31st March 2019 or at the time of the full balance payment, we reserve the right to cancel your holiday
  • Normal cancellation conditions will apply to all bookings and therefore the Full Standard Deposit would become due should you cancel your holiday
  • The Low Deposit Offer must be claimed by quoting code LDOJAN19RD and the claim made at the time of booking
  • All bookings using the Low Deposit Offer and / or vouchers will be subject to Rail Discoveries Booking Conditions, which are available on request and online
  • The Low Deposit Offer is subject to availability and compliance with these terms and conditions. Rail Discoveries reserves the right to withdraw the Low Deposit Offer at any time, without notice, at its sole discretion                                


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