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2 for 1 Flight Premium Economy upgrades on selected 2022 departures

  • Applicable on selected 2022 Departures using Virgin Atlantic as the main airline from London Heathrow
  • Applicable on GMJ22, LTC22, USG22, ESC22, SUG22 and INJ22

The 2 for 1 London Flight Upgrade Offer is dependent upon availability. Limited allocated upgrade discounts per selected departure

  • INJ2201, INJ12202, INJ2203, INJ2204, INJ2205
  • LTC2201, LTC2202, LTC2203, LTC2204, LTC2205, LTC2206, LTC2207, LTC2208, LTC2209, LTC2210,LTC2011, LTC2212, LTC2213, LTC2214, LTC2215, LTC2216, LTC2217, LTC2218, LTC2219, LTC2220, LTC2221, LTC2222,LTC2223, LTC2224, LTC2225, LTC2226, LTC2227, LTC2228, LTC2229, LTC2230, LTC2231, LTC2232, LTC2233, LTC2234
  • GMJ2201, GMJ2202, GMJ2203, GMJ2204, GMJ2205, GMJ2205, GMJ2206, GMJ2207, GMJ2208, GMJ2209, GMJ2210, GMJ2211, GMJ2212, GMJ2213, GMJ2214, GMJ215, GMJ2216, GMJ2217, GMJ2218 
  • USG2201, USG2202, USG2203, USG2204, USG2205, USG2206, USG2207, USG2208, USG2209
  • SUG2201, SUG2202, SUG2203, SUG2204, SUG2205, SUG2206, SUG2207. SUG2208, SUG2209
  • ESC2201, ESC2202, ESC2203, ESC2204, ESC2205, ESC2206, ESC2207, ESC2208, ESC2209, ESC2210, ESC2211, ESC2212, ESC2214

The 2 for 1 offer will reduce to upgrade supplement by half on the above departures subject to availability

  • Offer Prices will start as below:
    • GMJ22 from £425 return
    • LTC22 from £400pp return
    • INJ22 from £400pp return
    • USG22 from £375pp return
    • SUG22 from £375pp return
    • ESC22 from £400pp return
  • The 2 for 1 RTW Flight Upgrade Offer is only available on bookings made on or before 31st May dependent on availability and does not apply to bookings made after this date
  • Normal cancellation conditions will apply to all bookings
  • The 2 for 1 RTW Flight Upgrade Offer must be claimed by quoting code RTW2FOR1 and the claim made at the time of booking
  • All bookings made using the offer will be subject to Great Rail Journeys Booking Conditions, which are available on request and online
  • The 2 for 1 RTW Flight Upgrade Offer is subject to availability and compliance with these terms and conditions. Great Rail Journeys reserves the right to withdraw the offer at any time, without notice, at its sole discretion