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Escorted Rail Tours to Khabarovsk

Experience an unexpectedly colourful and cosmopolitan Russian city

A stop on the legendary Trans-Siberian Railway, Khabarovsk is a surprisingly attractive city with a cosmopolitan feel and, possessing a wealth of museums, unspoilt parks and historic squares, is a city which amply rewards exploration.

Khabarovsk is the second largest city in Khabarovsk Krai, a federal region in easternmost Russia, and lies just nineteen miles from the country's border with China. Established where the Rivers Amur and Ussuri meet, the area in which Khabarovsk is situated is believed to have been inhabited for many centuries by Tungusic settlers from eastern Siberia, but from the fifteenth to the eighteenth century Khabarovsk and its surrounding lands were the subject of battles for ownership between Russian Cossacks and Manchurian invaders from north eastern China.

Since the city of Khabarovsk was ceded by China and returned to Russia in 1858, the city has flourished both as a centre of industry and of culture. Today, Khabarovsk has broken free of the stereotypical image of the concrete grey, lifeless and insular Russian city to become a popular destination with an almost Mediterranean feel, helped by a temperate and sunny summer climate. That coastal resort atmosphere is helped by the presence of Khabarovsk's own small beach, created on the shore of the River Amur. Ideal for sunbathing, but not swimming, Central Beach makes it easy to forget that the nearest true coastline is almost two hundred miles away.

Vyborgskaya Street Market
This vast and largely open-air market (it also occupies two large halls) sees traders both Russian and Chinese selling every type of ware imaginable from fresh produce and meat to toys, household goods and clothing. Consistently colourful, popular and lively, Vyborgskaya Street Market is a good place to mingle with the locals and hunt for bargains and souvenirs.

The Arboretum and Botanical Garden
A peaceful green space in which to retreat from the city for a while, the twenty-seven acre arboretum and botanical garden dates back to the 1930s and features more than eight hundred species of plants, trees and flowers that have been collected from around the world.

The Museum of the Far Eastern Railway
Formerly a private collection of more than two thousand individual items relating to the construction and operation of Russia's Far Eastern Railway, this small but fascinating museum charts the history of the railway through exhibits which include original documents, photographs and models.

Spaso-Preobrazhensky Cathedral
Completed in 2004, Khabarovsk's beautiful cathedral overlooks the City Beach and River Amur. The third largest church in Russia, Spaso-Preobrazhensky Cathedral is also known as the Church of the Transfiguration as it contains a reproduction of Raphael's masterpiece depicting the transfiguration of Christ. Meta description: A tour of Khabarovsk, the second largest city in far-eastern Russia, reveals a place of beauty and history that enjoys the ambience of a Mediterranean resort.

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