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Escorted Rail Tours to Guimaraes

The Cradle of Portugal

Guimarães is one of the most important cities in Portugal. Formerly known as Vimaranes, the city played a leading role in the foundation of Portugal. It is often called the "Cradle of Portugal," owing to the fact that the administrative centre of Condado Portucalense (the Portuguese County) was established there by King Henrique. In those days the lands to the south in both Portugal and Spain were under the control of the Moors. Over the years, with the assistance of the 'Crusaders', the land was retaken from the Moors who were driven back into Africa.

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Portugal & the Douro

Flowing from northern Spain to the ocean in Porto, the Douro River carves our route through a rolling landscape of vineyards towards historic Porto. Exploring not only the ever-changing scenery, but also the gastronomic delights along the way, we continue to vibrant Lisbon, with its Moorish influences and charming streets.

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Guimaraes - the cultural hotspot

The historic centre of Guimarães has been awarded UNESCO World Heritage status, largely because it is an exceptional example of the evolution from a medieval settlement into a modern town - the buildings in the centre of the city display fantastic examples of changing Portuguese architecture from the 15th to the 19th century. Guimarães was designated as the European Capital of Culture 2012.

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