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Escorted Rail Tours to Corfu

A verdant Ionian island

Corfu (Kerkira in Greek) is the second-largest of the Ionian Islands, and with its elegant hills, impressive cliffs and idyllic white sand beaches, it is one of Europe's most popular destinations.

According to legend, Corfu was first inhabited from the times of Greek mythology. Apparently Poseidon fell in love with the beautiful nymph Korkyra, and abducted her. Poseidon brought Korkyra to the then-unnamed island and, overcome by his love for her, gave the island her name.

Historic Corfu
After a number of power struggles during its early centuries, Corfu became part of the Venetian Republic during the Middle Ages, and remained so until 1797. As a result of this, Corfu town has less of a Greek feel than much of the rest of the country, with a number of authentic Venetian-style buildings lining the pretty labyrinth of narrow cobbled streets. Due to a number of sieges from the Turks during the Venetian period, the town of Corfu is protected by its two characteristic, imposing fortresses. In more recent years Corfu has been known for attracting European royalty, making it a sought-after getaway resort. With so much to recommend it - including some of Greece's greenest landscapes - Corfu is a fantastic place to visit.

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