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Escorted Rail Tours to Chatou

Explore this regal Parisian district

A prosperous suburb in the extreme west of Paris' boundaries, Chatou boasts a collection of fine mansions, along with many grand townhouses and leafy open spaces. The town is generally remembered for the long island that sits in the stretch of the Seine beside it. The Île de Chatou is commonly referred to as the 'Île des Impressionistes', as this was where many of the famous Impressionist artists convened.

One of the venues these artists frequented the most was the Maison Fournaise. In particular, this restaurant was a favourite of Pierre-Auguste Renoir, who painted a number of his famous works here. The Maison Fournaise closed in 1906, but was reopened after an extensive restoration project in 1990 - due largely to the popularity of the Impressionist movement and its local connections. Today, the Maison is again a restaurant and now has a small museum commemorating the artists and their work.

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