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Escorted Rail Tours to Pokhara

Discover lakes, mountains, temples and tranquillity in this enchanting Nepalese city

Travelling to Pokhara, a city at the very centre of the tiny Democratic Republic in Nepal is an unforgettable experience in itself thanks to the breathtaking nature of its surroundings. Sitting beside a lake of mirror-like stillness in the shadow of the snow-capped Annapurna Mountain Range, the city occupies a corner of the Himalayan Pokhara Valley steeped in dramatic beauty.

This scenic setting alone justifies travelling to Pokhara; many visitors use the city as a base for exploring the many hiking trails and climbing opportunities offered by the area, but Pokhara boasts an abundance of enjoyable and memorable attractions of its own. Many exquisite and historic temples are located within the city, such as the seventeenth century Bindhya Basini Temple, the two-storey Bhimsen Temple and Pokhara's most famous temple, Varahi Mandir, which is dedicated to the supreme Hindu god Lord Vishnu.

Equally unmissable are Pokhara's fascinating museums. The International Mountain Museum charts the history, culture, geology and wildlife of Nepal's mountains and contains many artefacts and mementos of historic climbing expeditions. The Gurkha Memorial Museum provides an insight into the background of the proud and heroic Gurkhas who have served alongside the British Army for more than two centuries. Two museums, the Pokhara Regional Museum and the Tamu Kohibo Museum explore the ancient cultures and traditions of the indigenous people of the Pokhara Valley.

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Grand Tour of India & Nepal

Explore the highlights of India and Nepal on this grand tour which includes some of the world's most beautiful temples, sights and scenery. We witness colourful ceremonies, a game drive, and experience breathtaking views of the Himalaya from Pokhara on this adventurous tour.

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World Peace Pagoda

Crossing the placid Phewa Lake by boat and climbing the stone steps on the hill opposite the city brings visitors to the World Peace Pagoda, a beautiful and unmissable temple in a location that offers unparalleled views of the lake and city below and of the surrounding Annapurna Range.

Gupteswar Gupha Cave

At the southern end of Pokhara, Gupteswar Gupha is both a natural phenomenon and a scared Hindu site. An estimated one thousand stone steps wind down deep into this cave set in a gorge. Within the cave is a shrine to Shiva, and beyond this the cave can be further explored until an opening is reached that gives spectacular views of another nearby attraction, the Devi Fall, as cascades down the gorge.

The Himalayan Golf Course

Even for non-golfers, a visit to the Himalayan Golf Couse is a unique experience. This is a championship course set in a river valley beneath the Annapurna Mountains just seven kilometre from the centre of Pokhara. With fairways maintained naturally by grazing sheep, a number of holes that are intimidating if not actually heart-stopping and the sight of eagles soaring along the valley just one of the many distractions, a round of golf here can provide a lifetime of clubhouse stories.

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