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Retrace 'The Silk Road' - one of the most important trading routes of ancient civilisation, travelling by luxury train, the Golden Eagle Trans-Siberian Express, from Russia to China. On a rail holiday in Kazakhstan you will get the rare opportunity to visit Kazakhstan along the way. Being the ninth largest country in the world, Kazakhstan has an area greater than the whole of Western Europe, with beautiful landscapes ranging from deserts and grasslands to spectacular mountain ranges. It once formed an important part of the ancient Silk Road trading route on which merchants used to travel carrying silk, spices and perfumes to and from China.

Now, this Russian-developed city has become far more economically advanced than its neighbouring countries due to its oil and gas reserves, and is rapidly becoming a modernised Eurasian nation. On our tours of Kazakhstan by rail you can enjoy a contrast between city sightseeing in Almaty and experiencing traditional life in the Tien Shen Mountains.

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Kazakhstan Rail Holidays

The landlocked Republic of Kazakhstan spans two continents, Central Asia and Eastern Europe, and you can see the European influence reflected in the ambience of its largest city, Almaty. Glamorous hotels, international boutiques, trendy caf├ęs and flash cars fill the city, and the backdrop is a fantastic scene of snow-capped mountains. The green parks, trickling fountains, various museums and lively markets make Almaty a joy to explore on Kazakhstan rail holidays. One of the best sights is the Zenkov Cathedral, one of the city's last remaining tsarist-era buildings after most were destroyed in a devastating earthquake in 1911. Built entirely from wood, the beautiful cathedral overlooks Panfilov Park.

Through most of Kazakhstan's history, nomadic people have inhabited the country, travelling from place to place, living off the land and sleeping in traditional yurts. You can visit one of these yurts on Kazakhstan rail holidays, and experience life as a nomad in the Tien Shen Mountains above the city of Almaty. Learn about their renowned equine skills and enjoy a delicious lunch consisting of traditional Kazak cuisine such as soup, breads and the national milk-based drink, kumiss. Visitors on Kazakhstan rail holidays are warmly welcomed and treated with genuine hospitality by the locals.