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Escorted Rail Tours to Luoyang

One of the four Great Ancient Capitals of China, Luoyang stands on the Luo River in the Henan Province of central China. The city has a relatively modest population, with fewer than seven million residents.

The city lies within the heart of China's central plain, regarded as the cradle of Chinese civilisation. Luoyang spent 4,000 years as China's capital, used as such by thirteen Chinese kingdoms, including the very first - the Xia Dynasty. Consequently, many of the city's treasures relate to its ancient history, including the Longmen Grottoes in the southern outskirts of Luoyang. There are over 2,100 caves containing tens of thousands of statues of the Buddha, which have survived here for over 1,400 years.

At the Ancient Tombs Museum you can see the restored ancient tombs of a number of dynasties, most notably the Western Han Dynasty and the Northern Song Dynasty. The tombs contain murals depicting the daily life of noble rulers in ancient times.

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