b'INDIAN SUBCONTINENTAMRITSAR KATHMANDUThe largest city in the Democratic Republic of Nepal, Kathmandu has enthralled visitors for decades thanks to its intoxicating blend of ancient history, an enlightened culture, countless exquisite temples and unhurried atmosphere.GRAND TOUR OF INDIA,NEPAL AND THE HIMALAYAS 18 DAYS FROM 2,995Discover India and Nepal as we experience beautiful temples, sights and scenery. As part of an intimate small group, witness colourful ceremonies, lush national parks and golden cities before coming face-to-face with the stunning Himalayas.CHITWAN NATIONAL PARK Awarded UNESCO World Heritage site status in 1984, approximately 70% of Chitwan National Parks area is covered by subtropical rainforest whilst most of the rest is lush grassland. Within this stunning landscape, backdropped by the Himalayan Mountains, some of the worlds rarest and most exotic birds and mammals may be found.Chitwan National Park is one of the last habitats of the rare Bengal Tiger, the protected one-horned Rhinoceros and the Gharial Crocodile. Many other mammals can be seen in the park, which is also a haven for birdwatchers, with 544 colourful bird species observed here. On our holiday, we take a Jeep safari through the green surroundings of the park, hoping to see a host of these captivating creatures.Visit your local travel agent88 INDIAN SUBCONTINENT Call us on 01904 527194 or visitfor moGreatRail.comre informatio for mon. re details 89'