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Best Destinations for Solo Travelers

While traveling the world with those closest to you is an undoubtedly wonderful experience, solo travel is one of the most rewarding ways to discover the world.  By relinquishing the stresses of everyday life, eliminating the need to appease those around you and putting yourself first, traveling solo is the ultimate in self-care.  It is an opportunity to self-reflect, to be a little self-indulgent, and dare we say, even a bit selfish.

Traveling solo gives you a sense of freedom.  It allows you to focus on your own needs and ensure you get exactly what you want from a destination, without having to compromise or negotiate.  Best of all, all our tours allow solo travelers to choose whether to join the group on an excursion or venture off on their own for individual exploration.  Time spent traveling, included meals and many of your excursions is spent with your group of like-minded travelers, allowing you a wealth of opportunities to make new friends.

How you spend your time is up to you, but when you're on a Great Rail Journey, you'll only be alone if you want to be!  Here are our top five picks of the world's best destinations for solo travelers.


The commanding mountain landscapes, cascading waterfalls and lush Alpine meadows of Switzerland provide an ideal break for those who'd like some time to reflect, surrounded by the tranquilly of nature. Discover the pretty Alpine village of Wengen, famed for its belle époque hotels and quintessential Swiss charm.  Spend your days gazing in awe at the unspoiled, dramatic vistas, breathing in the gloriously fresh mountain air and appreciating the wonderfully meditative nature of solo travel.

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Glacier Express


Italy, Lake Garda

Italy boasts all the qualities that make for a soothing, restorative escape; balmy Mediterranean weather, idyllic, pastel-hued towns and villages, and endless stretches of beautiful, rugged coastlines. Visit Sestri Levante, where you can enjoy a gentle stroll through the winding medieval streets, lined with an array of enchanting, whimsically hued buildings. Or, head to Portofino, a tiny fishing village surrounded by verdant olive groves and pine trees that is regarded as one of the most beautiful Mediterranean ports.

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Rich in history, culture, art and music, there is no shortage of things to see and do in Austria. Work up an appetite visiting Vienna's many museums and palaces before indulging in a delicious Viennese cake at one of the city's many coffee houses. Visit the birthplace of Mozart, then walk the banks of the Salzach and explore the many back streets of Saltzburg, which are said to have inspired his music. Take in the crisp mountain air and majestic mountain views as you venture out for a hike or a picturesque gondola ride in Innsbruck.

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Salzberg Austria


Seville, Spain

Where better to get whisked away by culture, people and beauty than in Spain?  With naturally social people, the land of the flamenco, the fiesta and the carnival itself is welcoming and inclusive.  Admire the breathtaking vistas of the Rioja region and sample a glass of its famous wine or escape to the charming fishing village of Cadaques, a favorite retreat of Salvador Dali.  If you prefer the buzz and energy of the city - make a stop in picture-perfect Barcelona, vibrant Madrid or the architecturally-stunning Valencia.  Whatever you're looking for, you're sure to find it in Spain!

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Like all travelers, solo travelers have a lot to look forward to in Scotland. Dramatic terrain, stunning architecture, magnificent castles, rolling countryside, buzzing cities and charming villages don't disappoint in this enchanting country.  Stretching for hundreds of miles, the landscape of the Highlands is dramatic and remarkably breathtaking. The northern islands offer marvelous views across the coast, the ancient Lochs are perfect for quiet introspection, while Edinburgh offers a thriving and lively city to explore. Perfect for those who are not only looking to get away from day-to-day responsibilities, but from people in general, Scotland offers the ultimate escape.

Featured tour: Edinburgh, The Highlands & Islands
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The Glenfinnan Viaduct