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'Everything's bigger in Texas', so the saying goes. America's largest state is truly a larger than life place, from the vast metropolises, such as Houston and Austin, to the magnificent Big Bend National Park with its gaping canyons and the winding Rio Grande. Along with its impressive size, Texas has experienced a fascinating history, beginning as a Spanish colony before attempting to gain its own independence as a country and ultimately becoming the 'Lone Star' state as we know it today.

Popularised by the cowboy figures of the wild frontier, Texas is full of famous landmarks and iconography of western films and stories, as well as from real life events. The iconic Alamo Mission still stands in San Antonio, retaining many of the features it had during the famous Battle of the Alamo, where Davy Crockett was slain by Mexican forces. From an entirely different part of history, Houston is the home of Space Center Houston and mission control for many space expeditions.

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Texas - The Lone Star State

Travel the length and breadth of the Lone Star State, on a tour of five iconic cities. From Dealey Plaza and the homestead of TV's 'Dallas', we explore the cowboy heydays of Fort Worth and the world's live music capital, Austin, before strolling through San Antonio's history and ending in futuristic Houston, the home of modern space travel.

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