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Escorted Rail Tours to Vladivostok

A major port on the Sea of Japan

A military city situated on the shore of the Sea of Japan, Vladivostok only recently opened to Western visitors. It shows a fascinating blend of both European and Asian cultures. Vladivostok is a key Russian port, but actually belonged to China until relatively recently. Russia only acquired the land after the Treaty of Beijing in 1860, and began to develop the area.

In 1903 the Trans-Siberian Railway reached Vladivostok, which gave a greater connection to Moscow and the rest of Europe, and boosted the local economy. Following the Bolshevik Revolution and subsequent unrest, the city became a major port, and certainly one of great strategic importance. Since that time, Vladivostok has grown into the cultural centre tourists see today, now boasting a range of art galleries, museums, theatres and restaurants.

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Premium Trans-Siberian Express

Step on board the Golden Eagle and be transported back to the romantic age of travel as we wend our way across Russia, Mongolia and Siberia in unprecedented luxury. This rail adventure takes you on a journey of over 8,000 miles; a true odyssey to the other side of the world.

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Premium Trans-Siberian Express in Winter

Witness the true splendour of Dr Zhivago landscapes from the warmth of your luxurious carriage, enjoying sleigh rides and choirs, saunas and yurts en-route to Vladivostok. Travel on the Golden Eagle Trans-Siberian Express train for an unforgettable 8,000-mile winter adventure.

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15 days from $19,405 pp

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