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Rail Tours in Hong Kong

A Chance to Explore the State of Hong Kong by Rail

With a long-time British influence, Hong Kong is a city of multiple personalities. See the stunning skyline from Kowloon, browse through bustling markets, or enjoy the finest sushi on Seafood Street. A Hong Kong rail tour is not complete without discovering the fishing junks at Aberdeen Harbour or seeing traditional wooden Chinese buildings rubbing shoulders with steel and glass skyscrapers. It is easy to cross Hong Kong by train, tram or bus so the sights of the city are always within easy reach.

Unlike China the Special Administrative District of Hong Kong does have a tipping culture. Your Tour Advisor will be able to offer more detailed advice regarding whom to tip and how much during your stay.

Public transport is an excellent way to get around Hong Kong with rail, bus, tram and ferry services running throughout the day.

Please call 01904 521 936 for more information on visiting Hong Kong by rail.

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